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Utopia Talk / Politics / Russia saves Europe
Fri Mar 19 12:10:23
When the Phizer and Astra refuse to send us the vaccine that we have agreed on and paid for, Russia is going to help and save Europe.

Germany: Hurry up otherwise it will be Sputnik

Unless the EU accelerate the vaccine distribution, Germany is open to buying Russia's Sputnik V, which has not yet been approved by the European Medicines Agency.

This is what the country's Minister of Health and Medical Care Jens Spahn says.

Germany is in close contact with Russia on the issue, according to Spahn.

"I can imagine that we will sign a contract, and quickly," he said at a regular press conference in Berlin, according to the news agency Reuters.

- The fact is that I am very positive that we will go our own way if the EU does not do something, he continues.

large member
Fri Mar 19 12:27:24
Its an agreement to produce sputnik. Russia does not have much production capacity.
Fri Mar 19 12:36:35
So far from what Ive seen sputnik seems to be a decent vaccine.

Indianhas pretty good production capacity.Europe seems to be having issues with actual production.
Sam Adams
Fri Mar 19 13:26:07
Yikes europe. Yikes.
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