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Utopia Talk / Politics / Gender differences in PTSD
Fri Mar 19 13:03:58

Across various studies, women are about one-third less likely than men to report having experienced a trauma [6, 139]. However, women are approximately twice as likely as men to meet criteria for PTSD following such events, and they are more than four times as likely as men to develop chronic PTSD. These results suggest that the higher rate of PTSD among women cannot be attributed to a greater overall risk of trauma. Coping style for dealing with trauma has been proven to play a critical role in PTSD development [83]. The different coping styles between men and women may be one of the explanations for gender differences in PTSD. Men and women are known to have different coping styles. Women are more likely to exhibit an emotional reaction to stressors (emotion-focused), and are believed to spend more time seeking support and discussing problems with friends or family. Unlike women, men are more likely to use direct problem-focused coping strategies to deny or avoid stressors [135]. However, emotion-focused strategies may not always be adaptive. Focusing on emotions can impede adjustment and also distract people from making active coping efforts [140]. Blake et al. [141] examined psychological coping styles and mental health treatment histories in veterans with PTSD. They found that subjects with PTSD showed a significantly greater use of emotion-focused coping [141]. Moreover, women have been found to be significantly more likely to report a lack of alternative coping strategies than men [142, 143]. Female trauma victims are also more likely to self-blame and to hold negative views about themselves and the world than male victims, as well as to view the world as dangerous. Such negative cognition about self and the world are important predictors for PTSD symptoms [144].

Suck it up and take it like a man is a coping mechanism :)

Now, find the parallels to what is going on in the western world.
Sam Adams
Fri Mar 19 13:24:54
Every part of western society that liberals hate generally developed that way for a good reason, and kept society stable over 1000s of years.
Tue Mar 30 04:11:01
Searching out the work of Chinese "scholars" to justify your rampant misogyny and emotional retardation.

This is peak Nim.
Tue Mar 30 06:05:13
"kept society stable over 1000s of years."

What does "stable" even mean in that sentence? What society has been stable for 1000s of years?
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