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Utopia Talk / Politics / yanks culdnt even serve food
The Children
Fri Mar 19 18:02:21
to their chinese guests...

yanks r da hosts but culdnt even serve food, are yankees broke or what?

Fri Mar 19 18:11:47
No food for commies.

"You don't serve state dinners to people who are screwing you"

Or something like that.
Fri Mar 19 18:30:58
Why you gotta have everything handed to you? You want something get up and go get it.
Fri Mar 19 18:48:18
Its political theatre, Biden is viewed as weak and friendly to China.

So he plays tough guy. China responds by feigning to be adversarial and yet tough on the US to appease their home citizens.
The Children
Sat Mar 20 05:47:35
yanks tried 2 lure china into a trap by inviting them pretendin 2 be good hosts while pretendin 2 discuss on relations.

instead da yanks gave a grand lecturin speech as usual with accusations "we heard that" "someone told us that", and then tried 2 get da journalists out of da room.

notice da malicious use of words like "We heard that"...its always someone else that made these grand claims and not them because it puts responsibility away, so u cant complain 2 them and all of a sudden u gotta prove some ridiculous claim that some wild fantasy ogre invented in his cave.

well china not playin that game. so what was da point of this great talk. so u culd give us a lecture again on how great u are and pretend like u r still masters of da universe?

no sir, u do not talk in position of strength


i also found out, us delegation did not follow diplomatic ethique apparently. usually after remarks journalists are send away and both sides talk in private but what us did, after the journalists got send away, they let china talk in private and then after that they send for their goons of journalists again inside so they can talk and have everything recorded.

and ofc 2 top it all of, they cancelled lunch so they culdnt even give food 2 there guests.
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