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Utopia Talk / Politics / How will it end this time?
Sun Mar 21 14:11:35

Japan and Germany to sign intel-sharing pact in coming weeks

Two sides to share notes on deployment plans and defense equipment

March 18, 2021 23:02 JST

TOKYO -- Japan and Germany are set to sign an agreement on sharing defense-related information as early as this month, as the two countries pursue closer defense cooperation, particularly in the Indo-Pacific region.

The agreement on the security of information would make it easier for Tokyo and Berlin to let each other access sensitive information on troop deployment plans, defense equipment and terrorist activities. Both countries would need to enact tight controls on handling classified intelligence.

Talks toward a pact have been ongoing since February 2019, when German Chancellor Angela Merkel and then-Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe reached a basic agreement in principle.

Germany has been paying closer attention to the Indo-Pacific as China's influence expands. Berlin drew up guidelines for diplomacy in the region last year and is expected to dispatch a frigate as early as summer.

Last December, German Defense Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer told Japanese counterpart Nobuo Kishi in a virtual meeting that Germany has a security interest in the region and intends to increase its presence there.

Dispatching German liaison officers to multilateral organizations, participating in military exercises and conducting port visits of navy units are some of the measures Berlin is considering, she said.

Kramp-Karrenbauer explained that the German government intends to intensify cooperation with partners in the Indo-Pacific region within the framework of NATO.
Sun Mar 21 14:19:34
They say third time is the charm, and if you believe that, this one won’t end well. However, if you really believe in your dream, you should never stop trying.
Sun Mar 21 14:21:14
Nuke them. The Lord knows those that are His own.
Sun Mar 21 14:23:06
They gotta know how this looks...
Im better then you
2012 UP Football Champ
Sun Mar 21 14:45:23
Its been over 80 years at this point.
Sun Mar 21 14:48:21
Says the guy who just posted an article about the Confederacy.
Sun Mar 21 15:25:03
Ibty doesnt believe in anything but double standards.
Im better then you
2012 UP Football Champ
Sun Mar 21 15:42:43
Because people still dispute the cause of US Civil War and advocate against basic civil rights.

Nobody in arguing for a dictator of Europe or Pacific being a Jap lake.
Sun Mar 21 15:48:27
Didn't Merkel earmark millions to fix up Auschwitz?
Sun Mar 21 20:27:06
You dont think people in japan or germany have different opinions about ww2 than what is generally accepted? Rofl ibty, you dumb cunt.
Im better then you
2012 UP Football Champ
Mon Mar 22 00:15:20
I already posted articles on how Germany and Japan teach WW2 in school.
Mon Mar 22 04:42:45
Obaminated calling people stupid ... I’m pretty sure calling covid-19 overblown and having your grandmother die to it just months before a vaccine is widely distributed is the dumbest and most insensitive thing any UP’er has ever done.
Mon Mar 22 06:03:50
12 months later the sky is still falling on cuckhat
Mon Mar 22 06:27:23
"Insensitive" says cuckhat.

The guy who regularly blames me for not caring enough about my grandmothers death. The same guy who regularly jokes about the death of rugians fathers death.


Go suck off your ex wifes son you fucking sociopath.
Mon Mar 22 07:19:45
Always back to the bad cuck insults. Could you be more of an incel?

Just pointing how fucking stupid you were for calling Covid-19 just the flu even a year into the thing and then learning nothing from your grandmother's death. She was over 90 right so who gives a fuck?

Keep trucking with your ideology of hate like a moron.
Mon Mar 22 09:05:11
Could this devastate Germany's "Rent a Jew" programs?

Thats a real thing btw.

Could you imagine if we had rent a black or rent an African in the US? Bwahahaha....they burn and loot sneaker stores for racial justice.
Mon Mar 22 15:08:11
Cuckhat, you wannabe billionaire with a hoy wife, you are filled with hate, not i.
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