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Utopia Talk / Politics / Sidney Powell vs Dominion
the wanderer
Wed Mar 24 00:29:11
so one of Trump's sleazebag lawyer's (Sidney Powell) is facing a large defamation suit from Dominion voting machines

her defense appears to be that claiming Dominion voting systems were changing votes (& that numerous other countries in on it) was political hyperbole & that no reasonable person would believe it (thus not defamatory... no one distrusts Dominion now, right?)... & even though she was filing lawsuits on it...

one notable page here:


so it seems one unreasonable person is MyPillow Guy

oh... and who else was repeating her claims & inviting her to the White House... oh, the former so-called 'president'
the wanderer
Wed Mar 24 00:31:55
the full defense document here:


the excerpt from the page marked 32 (which is page 42 of doc)
Wed Mar 24 14:09:56
Conservatives lie so much and so casually nowadays. Every cuckservative here was repeating her election fraud lies for months and then moved on to another lie.
Thu Mar 25 21:02:09
It's sad that the best bet to stop the conspiracy insanity that has taken root among the Republicans is not any philosophy based on morality or right and wrong, but law suits that can prove in court that the conspiracies are lies that cause economic damages.
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