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Wed Mar 24 10:38:32
My wife brought home a childrens book from her work. It is an old ABC book with pictures. I have no idea from when, it has not printing date, but it says printed in the Netherlands, but it is the swedish alphabet. She did this because she knows, I am collector of things that creep relegated to the territory, beyond the pale.

A as in Ark
B as in Boat
C as in Cowboy
D as in Dolphin
E as in Eskimo

And then we come to N.

I think it is the illustration that really does it. A cute little boy with big golden ear rings and big red lips, holding a spear in nothing both a loin cloth. :D

In my home, I also have a bobblehead doll, that used to belong to my mother when she was a child in Iran. It is a black child, with blue eyes and curly hair, all in cheap plastic. You should have seen the faces of my wifes anxious Swedish friends, "omg do you dare to have this out". My wife, bless her soul, at the time (7 years ago) didn't even understand wtf they were on about. It's a doll! This doll has been in my posession for years and it never occured to me (until recent memory), anyone would think there was anything wrong with a black baby bobble head. Naturally I have it in full view in the living room bookshelf. Not to make a statement, it was just one of the few things that survived the journey from Iran.

This was my mothers toy and in our family we don't have any problems playing with black people or depictions of black people. Do you?

^That is what I am telling the next person who comments it.
Sam Adams
Wed Mar 24 11:03:25
Sat Mar 27 09:48:15

n for nazi?

Sat Mar 27 10:09:41
"A as in Ark"

A as in ARIAN!
A as in ADOLF!

Dare to give the name of the book so we can find it on the net?
Sat Mar 27 10:19:49
Daemon, Are we going to see you on DW news now as a new fae right extremist?

I'm pretty sure your last post is illegal.
Sat Mar 27 10:23:18
"when its printed"

>> 1939?

Sat Mar 27 10:31:03
habebe, I switch my official stance from left to to right every day, so I can confuse the secret police and escape them!

DW also covers leftists:
Sat Mar 27 11:05:44
daemon, Yeah but

""This act shows that inhuman violence also comes from the left-wing extremist scene,"

Is kind of like a confederste neck saying "White people commit crimes too"
Sat Mar 27 11:09:16
☭ Will comment tomorrow on it when I have switched to full blown communist ☭
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