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Utopia Talk / Politics / Pure mafia methods
Thu Mar 25 12:50:37
Why does the US believe they have the right to put sanctions on European countries when this is a commercial deal between two sovereign countries – Germany and Russia.

Pure mafia methods.

What if Europe and Russia put sanctions on American companies because they feel that Israel has too much influence/power over the US?

Thu Mar 25 12:51:40
* on European countries = on European companies
Thu Mar 25 13:00:27
Pretty sure europe and Russia could do that of they wished.
Thu Mar 25 13:07:40
Secretary Antony Blinken

United States government official

Today at @NATO I emphasized the value of our alliances and partnerships. We need them now as much as ever. The challenge we face is to adapt and renew our alliances to meet today’s threats and continue to deliver for our people now, as they have in the past.


What alliance and partnership? If you put sanctions on European business you are not a partner. You are a bullying gangster.

”We need them now as much as ever” – Blinken

What do you need us for?

But sure, if you need OUR HELP it will cost you money. We will set the terms, and we will send you a bill.
Thu Mar 25 13:28:34
Why is Germany constantly siding with murderous Russians and communist Chinese instead of with its friends in Europe and America?

Between Nord Stream and the CCP trade deal, it's almost like Angela Merkel doesn't want Germany to be a member of western civilization anymore.
Thu Mar 25 13:32:38
Why do you care? Trump resigned as the leader of the free world, he nearly resigned from Nato, turned his back on Europe, and embraced Saudi Arabia - leader of sunni Islam.
Thu Mar 25 13:35:15
Your president Trump was also a great friend with Putin.
Thu Mar 25 17:27:58
Europe can put sanctions on the US for our relationship with Canada if they want. Just the way things work.
That aside they are not putting sanctions on Europe nor countries in Europe but possibly on businesses that do work related to the Nord Stream 2 pipeline.

This is actually something that congress passed in 2019 and the current administration has decided to uphold.
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