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Utopia Talk / Politics / Joe Biden immigration crisis
Thu Mar 25 13:17:56
Joe Biden just blamed hurricanes and earthquakes for mass migration from Central America to the US.

Perhaps he doesn’t remember the role of the neoliberal privatization plans he imposed as VP, or the right-wing govt’s Washington backed, in the crisis.


The “Biden Plan” promises more privatization for Central America, and therefore more mass migration to the north.

Meanwhile, the Biden admin aims to sanction and politically destabilize Nicaragua - the one Cent. Am. country not contributing to the crisis.


Gangster regime. They think they can sanction and destabilize every country and every company on Earth.

I hope the US gets invaded by hordes of immigrants. lol
Fri Mar 26 01:52:24
They are coming. USA needs a policy that can integrate these people into the country. You will need to give them homes, jobs and english lessons.

Fri Mar 26 07:11:18
Brain cells died reading the rest of this guy’s twitter fees. Stupid people always have to fit everything to a narrative.
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