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Utopia Talk / Politics / NK/Iran
Sat Mar 27 22:41:33
So, whats the end game?

They both have regimes that politically are between a rock and hard place.

If they give in to western pressure and stop pursuing better and threatening use of nukes, they as individuals are likely dead.

So what's the end game politically, just it off till later.

Special Member
Sun Mar 28 01:14:42
Deterrence is always the nuke game. Self preservation is the goal.
Sun Mar 28 04:29:38
The endgame is the global caliphate and atheist North Korea will convert and become a part of it or vanish from the earth.
Sun Mar 28 06:13:00
+1 kreel

There is no end to the game, but is the same game everyone is engaged in, survival. It is not only the most significant game being played, but all other games are built on top of it or integrate with it. You can’t make sense of a lot of the things going on, even higher up the heirarchy, without The game.
large member
Sun Mar 28 17:01:51
Maybe NK will take one from the team and fight a nuclear war with the US that ends in a magnficent draw.
Sun Mar 28 17:48:58
Meh, they can only reach Cali.
large member
Sun Mar 28 18:54:53
Today, sure. You were asking about the endgame.
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