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Utopia Talk / Politics / A Compromise
Wed Mar 31 02:02:42
You cuckservatives go fuck yourself and get out of the way of democracy and science.
Wed Mar 31 06:08:57
I see you've adopted the Biden definition of "compromise."
Sam Adams
Wed Mar 31 10:00:21
"Genes arent real"

"Global warming will destroy the earth in a few years"

-cuxkhat science
Wed Mar 31 13:05:49
Thu Apr 01 23:00:41
remember when cuckhat posted about buying a yacht, one of which only 3 existed in the world, then claimed he was a billionaire, then claimed his wife was a super model whom would invite other female super models over for orgies, then claimed he was some tech giant?

yeah, he is sort of a loser in real life and we shouldnt pile on, but fuck is it hard to not want to embarass such a fucking loser. on the other hand it is very obvious he is a bad break away from turning into some mass shooter.
Thu Apr 01 23:03:50
honestly, cuckhat has every personality trait of a low intelligence sociopath. he makes up lies that are clearly not true, but he sticks to them, and then he resents everyone who disagrees with him because despite, literally, everyone who he knows is mocking home, he refuses to learn or accept it. so he believes everyone in the world is world while he is correct. low intelligent sociopath.
Thu Apr 01 23:04:33
everyone in the world is wrong*
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