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Sam Adams
Fri Apr 02 10:12:22
New evidence introduced in the criminal case against the father & son in Georgia accused of murdering Ahmaud Arbery show that Arbery had a history of claiming to be a jogger to cover for criminal activities.

Fri Apr 02 10:38:33
So atleast 3 seperate situations he pulled this stunt.

The shoplifting was a bunch of times actually.
Fri Apr 02 11:04:00
While he hadn't done anything illegal (probably because he didn't find anything of value), the claims that he was some interested construction/engineering neophyte who wandered through the site in workboots while on a jog was obviously patent bullshit from the start.
Fri Apr 02 11:07:49
Yup. Still shouldn't have kiled the guy, but yeah he was no saint and was reasonably suspicious.
Sam Adams
Fri Apr 02 11:49:43
Its ok to kill a thief who resists.
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