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Utopia Talk / Politics / das warmongerers on german borders
Sat Apr 03 11:08:05
us planes and ships have begun harassin nordstream 2...

like whaaaaattttttt?

Sat Apr 03 11:57:55
"According to Interfax, Minin said an unidentified submarine had emerged near the pipe-laying vessel Fortuna on March 28 less than a mile away.

He also cited several incidents with other vessels and said that the number of cases of low-flying “foreign planes” over the Nord Stream 2’s vessels has increased in the second half of March.

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken said in an interview broadcast on Sunday that it was ultimately up to those building the Nord Stream 2 pipeline whether to complete it despite opposition from Washington."

Sat Apr 03 12:31:51
Sat Apr 03 14:13:54
Hey remember that time when Putin "didn't" invade Ukraine with disguised soldiers in order to annex territory and stoke a civil war?

Well guess what, we "don't" have anything to do with stopping Nord Stream.

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Putin has built up enough negative karma over the years to deserve whatever the US throws at him.
Sun Apr 04 04:32:27
I almost wish Trump would come back. He at least likes Putin and was/is his friend.
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