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Utopia Talk / Politics / first time u watch breakin bad
Mon Apr 05 12:50:53
or [insert series] whatever it may be right.

but lets say breakin bad. first time. how many of u got da story correct in da first time watchin?

Like how could u. How can anyone of us right? its impossible 2 know da details and da story on first try.

so heres my problem. i sometimes watch these "reaction vids" on whatever right. be it playstation E3, trailers, videogame moments, sometimes even series.

so lately i got 2 these 2 chicks watchin breakin bad. so they are around season 3 near da end.
now breakin bad isnt a new series so they wuld have plenty of time 2 seek out da story, da details, watch other peoples or even read from comments. but ofc all of them pretend that they know nottin about da story right.

and da only time these reaction videos are genuine is when its brand new event anyway. so i dont believe any of this shit. PERIOD.

So they r on da last 2 episodes of season 3 breakin bad and somehow they managed 2 figure out what wuld happen durin da confrontation with da 2 street gangstas and even da final episode which at that time was a massive cliffhanger and twist for everyone else.

like 0% chance. zero chance that they figured this out on their own. PERIOD.

Mon Apr 05 16:56:17
So quit watching them. Problem solved.

They made it farther than I did into Breaking Bad. I thought it was a horrendous waste of time. I watched to the middle of season two thinking hey its gotta get good eventually and it never did.
Average Ameriacn
Tue Apr 06 14:16:59
Average Ameriacn
Tue Apr 06 14:18:17
I stopped watching it, too.

They are not real Christians,
They are criminals, drug dealers even!
They make libertarian ideas look bad.
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