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Utopia Talk / Politics / The Useless Democratic Party
Wed Apr 07 23:32:16
The useless democratic party is useless.


The Washington Post
Sen. Manchin (D) says there is ‘no circumstance’ in which he would vote to get rid of the filibuster, in blow to Biden agenda
Thu Apr 08 00:12:28
Cool. You find someone else that can win a senate seat in West Virginia as a Democrat.

Oh right, you can't. Bernie Bros. are so fucking retarded.

The real answer is to work and net seats in 2022 so that our vote doesn't depend on a Democrat from Trump country.
Thu Apr 08 00:37:35
Yes, because soooo much was done when they came off of a wave election (Indiana, North Carolina) and had a filibuster-proof supermajority.
Im better then you
2012 UP Football Champ
Thu Apr 08 00:53:52
Dems had Obama (superstar) but a really weak bench in 2008.
Thu Apr 08 01:12:53
They had that majority for 2 years and the ACA took most of the first year and then almost got derailed by Ted Kennedy dying. Of all the priorities, the ACA was the most important given the bullshit of a lack of protection against pre-existing conditions.

The Market Exchange has also been great for me and many of my friends so they can switch jobs more easily. Fuck having insurance tied to your employer. It's better for the economy to have a more flexible workforce.

As for the rest of the stuff, blame Obama. Because he was black, he tried to be bipartisan and avoid being branded as a far-left liberal. And Republicans did it anyways.

Biden isn't being so stupid. He talks about being bipartisan but he knows Republicans are full of shit and is ramming through everything come hell or high water. But he's doing it with policies that are polling with the support of a super majority of Americans.

He's been as progressive as Congress lets him be.

If you want to do something productive, contribute to the Senate races in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Georgia, and Arizona.

If the Dems net seats, they can let a few Senators here and there vote against them on meaningless votes which will help them get re-elected.
Thu Apr 08 07:07:52
Y2a, keep in mind Dukhat is angry "blue no matter who soy boy.

Me personally I like Manchin, the sort of "I'm here for health care and min. Wage hikes" sort of.non woke Democrat.

And lets face it, he is representing his people. They are conservatives who like policies to benefit poor folk, such as min. Wage hikes and HC. I do too.

I actually dont like the idea.of a MW, however I realize that in our society where corporate America is unfairly close to politicians it's a necessary evil.
Sam Adams
Thu Apr 08 09:29:46
Wierd, the party that is blatantly racist against white people and asians cant get anything done in a country that is majority white?

Imagine that.
Thu Apr 08 10:03:53
Y2A is making the same mistake that Harry Reid made in 2014. The Democrats being in the majority today means that the Democrats will be in the majority forever. Go ahead and nuke the filibuster, it's not like you'll live to regret it when the GOP inevitably retakes the Senate in a fee years!

This sort of mentality is incredibly short sighted Y2A. As recently as last year Democrats found the filibuster to be very valuable, yet now you want them to permanently chuck it? Bad move amigo.
Thu Apr 08 12:57:29
The GOP would just get rid of it anyway if they controlled both houses. Why do you think the GOP would honor the filibuster when it would hurt them? McConnell's "no SCJ within 1 yr of an election" bs went out the window real quick. Why do you assume "good faith" in a situation where it makes absolutely no sense to assuming good faith.
Thu Apr 08 12:59:56
*to be assuming good faith
Thu Apr 08 13:09:00
Except the republicans didnt get rid of it. Never threatened it. Never wanted to pack the bench.

Thu Apr 08 13:18:52
I seem to recall the GOP having unified control of Congress just three years ago...
Thu Apr 08 13:19:16
The GOP didn't have full control of both houses and the presidency.
Thu Apr 08 13:21:07
I stand corrected, 16-18, not thinking straight.
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