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Utopia Talk / Politics / Question for Euros?
Thu Apr 08 11:51:57
How do you guys handle the homeless over there?
Thu Apr 08 11:55:39
Varies heavily by country.
Thu Apr 08 14:05:14
Officially we don’t have any homeless people in Sweden. We have a law that says that every citizen has a right to housing. If you don’t have a home, then the ”Socialtjänsten” (Social Service) has to help you to find a housing for you.

But despite the law, we have some homeless people. Not sure how many there are. But they usually has some kind of mental illness and/or addiction to drugs or alcohol. And then we have the Roma people from Romania who lives as homeless or sleeps in their cars/trailers. But they are not Swedish citizens. They are Romanian citizens.
Thu Apr 08 14:20:07
They are also called gypsies.
Thu Apr 08 14:27:46
Last I checked Sweden had more homeless per capita, than the USA.
Thu Apr 08 14:51:38
Not than California.

I think it was Germany who had a great idea to tax bottle a quarter. So the homeless have a nice side job cleaning the streets.

US cities ( not all) are filthy compared to other 1st world nations cities (philly in many parts is ankle high in garbage)
Thu Apr 08 14:58:57
Nim, maybe they don’t keep track of all the homeless people in the US. Maybe they don’t count everyone.

Canada, Germany, Austria, Israel does also have more homeless per capita than the US.

The reason why Romania’s homeless per capita is so low is because Romania sent all their homeless people to Sweden.
Thu Apr 08 15:12:43
Is parafag complaining about uneducated immigrants?
Sam Adams
Thu Apr 08 23:39:48
"US cities ( not all) are filthy compared to other 1st world nations cities"

While this is generally true, there are some foriegn cities that are shitholes. Like london, or montreal.
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