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Utopia Talk / Politics / Iron cross tattoo = lots of trouble
Thu Apr 08 12:43:14
Disturbing verdict, I have now have to photoshop all my nude selfies.


Judge dismisses ex-Rep. Katie Hill’s nude photo claim against Daily Mail, citing First Amendment

A judge cited First Amendment grounds Wednesday in dismissing the Daily Mail as a defendant in former Rep. Katie Hill’s revenge porn suit, which stems from the unauthorized publication of nude images of her.


“Here, the intimate images published by (the Daily Mail) spoke to (Hill’s) character and qualifications for her position, as they allegedly depicted (Hill) with a campaign staffer whom she was alleged to have had a sexual affair with and appeared to show (Hill) using a then-illegal drug and displaying a tattoo that was controversial because it resembled a white supremacy symbol that had become an issue during her congressional campaign,” Orozco wrote.

“Accordingly, the images were a matter of public issue or public interest.”

Orozco disagreed with arguments by Hill’s attorneys that the photos were not a matter of public concern.

“(Hill’s) argument that the images are not a matter of public concern because (the Daily Mail) could have simply described the images rather than publishing them is unpersuasive, as the fact that information to be gleaned from an image may be disseminated in an alternative manner does not equate to a finding that the image itself is not a matter of public concern,” the judge wrote.


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