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Mon Jun 21 10:32:28
Well, as you may know, big fan of the retro games and new retro styled games (Aguna series anyone?)

Ive already mentioned they are making a new TMNT game in 16 bit, but since I'm back on my Dragonquest (AKA Dragonwarrior)

Ive only played a handfull.

Dragon warrior-The original that started it all. Absolute Classic, this the original JRPG, even pre final fantasy.

I still go back and beat it every few years. You can only have ome character the decsendant of Erdrick, very simplistic now but at the time one of the most in depth visual games, if not THE.

DW 2- This was a great expansion om the first. Different but extremely familiar (as all DQ games are) you get 3 characters, the prince of moonebrooke dies constantly. This game is like 4x the length of the original, it sort of drags on actually, I do love that it went more in depth and gave you the 3 character dynamic but the quests get less great later in the game, lots of grinding and fetch quests.

DW 3- This is the pinnacle of NES RPGs , you can pick and choose your party members, 3+ hero at a time, you can change your job! turn your warrior into a fighter, theif, wizard, priest etc. Whenever. Such a great dynamic. I think this is what adds the casino to the series as well, 2 had the lotto but wasn't great. The story line is EPIC, you are literally the original Erdrick, but you dont find out tillthe end, I could go on, bit in short the game is perfection.

DW 4-The final NES game in the series , it was great, they went in a new direction here, they left the Erdrick Trilogy and have an entirely unrelated yet familiar story line (Zenithian trilogy) this one starts you of 4 different times as different characters, so you have 4 story lines that are unrelated, until you finish them all and then they join those characters together, really cool idea, and they are unique, notnjust a hero build up and go forth the story lines and gameplay are just too notch. However its not DW3, its a great game on its own, they kept the improved gameplay features from 3 and just took it to a new exciting direction that is not just fetch quests, the merchant stoeyline was my favorite, just so not the many clone JRPG games of the day.

Dragonquest 7- This was the next one in the series I played, the other games were not available in the US until recently. It was on PS1 so graphically better than the old ones.

Again they went into a new style bit as always very familiar to the series. You start as the son of a fisherman in small village, you make freinds with a prince and you go back in time by finding small shards/puzzle peices and then solve some ancient crisis then you get to go back and check out what the town looks like in your time (the future) so cool idea.

Again different but very familiar which could be the slogan for the series. Similar equipment and jobs and a casino etc. This was another win in my book, very balanced game, interesting quests and stories and still near perfect gameplay.

The twist is that this is actually game zero in the Erdrick Trilogy so. It goes 7,3,1,2 in I guess a quadrilogy now but it's really not that linked in the story line just barely.

Dragonquest 9- My most recent game Ive been playing in the series. Still a great game, different but familiar yet.

Alchemy in this game adds a great new feature you can create all sorts of stuff, its a.crafting feature is all.

No casino, why?! Dumb.Also the vocation/job dynamics are different using skills and skill points. The skills and spells seem lacking.

Its good, but IDK, i think I just expected more from DQ. Something was lacking, I'm pretty far into it, havnt beat it yet. The world seems small. Its a DS game as are two others I beleive that I havnt played yet.

Totally different story line AFAIK its unrelated to either Erdrick or Zenithian stories. Your basically an angel or "Celestarian" who falls to earth "the protectorate" and and you have to find out whats going on, them collect some fyggs etc.

A strong religious game, as most of them are under the hood. You wouldn't know it to just play through them but they all habe strong religious references.

I plan on playing the other two DS games and probably just DL the games I cant otherwise get in the US off the play store.

I think I played 5, or started to, forget what happened, it may have been in Japanese...

Ive also played a few spinoff games DQ Monsters on GBA, couldn't really get into them, abandoned gameplay.
Ive heard good things though about DQ Builders series.

Also FQ Tactical looks great, I love Tactics game (FfTactics and Tactics advance) but they need to work out some bugs, saving problems, loading problems etc.
Mon Jun 21 10:34:41
Aguna is a homebrew series, looks great on DS, now they are making a version for NES as a ROM or you can buy an actual old school cartridge.

Its an updated legend of Zelda-esque game. If you like retro games Id check it out.

I watch John Riggs on YT is where I found out about it.
Mon Jun 21 12:05:24
how can anyone look at 8 bit games from 30 years ago and think he is playin games...
Mon Jun 21 12:41:38
9 and 16 bit games are STILL being made.

Also don't you mostly just watch other people play games on YT?
Mon Jun 21 14:59:02
I like old 16 bit games. Just played through Chrono Trigger again last year. I think I played DQ2 a couple years ago, and it was an interesting diversion. Played a few hours of Dragon Quest XI, but it didn't really capture my interest.

I did enjoy The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel last year.

Haven't really played many games this year, we're on the move so much, but Nier: Automata was fun for the brief time I spent on it so far.
Mon Jun 21 15:34:24
Ive had 9 for like a year, the downside with the newer DQ Hansen is the intro, 7 was insanely long before you could just go explore, level up and hop from.town to town, like literally you had to explore this cave puzzle for like 2 hours!

Anyway what got me into 9 was a week of no Wi-Fi. I had phone internet, but streaming and such just wasn't palatable.

9 had like a 15 minute intro ordeal.

That's why I dont like the newer final fantasies. Its all movie and little gameplay. FF7 had the perfect blend, that was the last one I played through.
Mon Jun 21 15:48:00
Yeah, DQ11 seemed to have hours of introductions before you got access to all the gameplay elements and by that time I was bored.

What's FQ Tactical? Did you mean DQ Tact?
Mon Jun 21 17:10:46
3 is the best DQ/DW.

DQ tact is probably it, I never really got into the gameplay, Apparently at the time I wasnt the only one having daid loading issues.

Mostly it would start tonload the game and just go to a black screen.
Mon Jun 21 17:12:38
As far as tactics game go, FF tactics was another S class perfect game, the sequel had fantastic gameplay, the story wasnt as good, but the better gameplay.made up for it. FF Tactics advance (GBA)
Mon Jun 21 17:14:29
I also loved FF Tactics. Been many years.
Wed Jul 07 17:42:27
I just beat DQ 5....I guess if I had only known the first 4 NES games 5 would be cool, the family aspect was a nice touch but, IDK, just seemed to generic to me.

3 and 7 still seem the best IMHO Ive beaten 1,2,3 4,5,7 and 9.

Now as far as FF tactics go, it's what really got me into Tactics games, amazing series.

The sequel for GBA was a fantastic sequel. The story was weak, compared to the first, aimed at like 10 year olds.

I'm getting the sequel, FF tactics A2 which Ive never played before.

Even before that I've been a fan of the Romance of The Three Kingdoms series. Which have tactical aspects in battle as well city building/diplomatic strategy mixed with RPG aspects.
Thu Jul 08 00:22:37

typical nintenweebo. all those games u mentioned only come on playstation.
but all da nintenweebs from SNES era were so salty back in da days they refused 2 get a proper gaming console aka playstation domination.

we told yall 4 25 years, playstation was da best place 2 game. but all nintenweebs denied it for decades...

if u hadnt u culdve enjoyed all those games properly when they was released back in da days and were best graphics at that time...

now ur just playin retro games, on ur pc coz it pirated and u still cant enjoy it properly coz sometimes performance issues while claimin how great those games were...

which all these nintenweebs denied for over 25 years...

Thu Jul 08 00:26:09
Meanwhile, the non-dweebs played the best games on all major platforms. Guessing that wasn't you, though.
Thu Jul 08 00:52:20
one does not all da games on all da "major platforms" since theres always been just 1 platform while da rest r garbage.

u have playstation u pretty much have all da games, weeb.

dont kid urself. u never had any games. otherwise u wuldnt be playin 20-25 year old playstation1 games...
Thu Jul 08 01:01:07
Careful, you're about to overdose on all that cope.

Playstation does have the best games. My PS5 and RTX 3090 PC (who are we kidding, I have 4 of them) are both doing fine.
Thu Jul 08 01:51:04

just like all shitty nintenweebs and xbots u only have multiple consoles becoz u realized what a goof and total pathetic idiot u had been once u purchased a shitbox or a nintenpotato and realized u got no games 2 play it!!!

and after a while u realized ur a moron and had 2 go and get a Playstation and afterwards u pretended 2 be "haha i dont have 2 chose coz i got all consoles"

when its only becoz of ur stupidity 2 begin with!!!

everyone else who were enlightened and read da writings on da wall, got a playstation and had no need 2 get an inferior other console afterwards!!

Thu Jul 08 01:57:14
"Chrono Trigger"

Legendary. In the all-time top 10.

Currently playing through Mass Effect Legendary. Wife doesn't want me to romance Miranda. Heavy sigh.
Thu Jul 08 02:00:33
she culd hak da gaem filez and maek miranda fat 4 u
Thu Jul 08 02:05:52
PlayStation is great, but its not the only. I donprefer PS styled controllers the best.

PC is unrivaled in strategy games.

PlayStation (US) did not have many dragonquest games, they skipped a bunch.

Plus many great games and series that just are not available on non Nintendo platforms.

Zelda-Come on.

Dragon quest- some are on PS now.

Mario- Make.fun all you want but Mario RPG is a classic, Mario Kart/Mario party multi players, awesome.

Why limit yourself to youtubing only playstation games?
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