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Utopia Talk / Politics / Covid Still Out There
Thu Jul 15 22:26:45
Among the unvaccinated...scroll thru all the photos:

Thu Jul 15 23:35:13
Imagine being an actuary of all people, yet still being deathly afraid of Covid-19.

Clearly the profession hasn't rubbed off on you sir.
Thu Jul 15 23:48:35
"yet still being deathly afraid of Covid-19"

lol, no. stop watching tuck who gives you these silly ideas.
Fri Jul 16 01:03:35
Year and a half in, no vaccine. Haven't even needed to be tested.

Youre all soccer players.
Fri Jul 16 09:47:20

What in God's name does Tucker have to do with MY assessment of YOUR cowardice?
Fri Jul 16 10:35:04
lmao gettin owned now.
a taste of ur own medicine?

Rememba all da "chinie vaccine countries seein rise in corona" must be coz vaccine dont work!!

well, guess what. now it ur turn.

Fri Jul 16 11:08:10
All the cuckservatives here were reasonable about Covid when it was a Chinese problem ... and then it came to our shores and conservative media warped their minds into typical right-wing stupidity.
Fri Jul 16 11:59:58
Conservatives are acting like the guy who drove his aluminum boat onto the lake and held up one of his oars and dared God to strike him. In the middle of a lightning storm. ZAP BOOM
Fri Jul 16 13:04:14
Why aluminum?
Fri Jul 16 13:36:07
Aluminum is a metal. Many boats are made out of fiberglass nowadays to be lighter.
Fri Jul 16 13:42:01
Well I just learned I don't know my boatmaking materials.
Fri Jul 16 15:34:06
Covid is a disaster of population scale calculous, .5% unlucky/foolish individual tragedy, and the interplay between both scales of perspective.

Get enough foolish "it's barely more dangerous than a flu" attitudes running rampant leads directly to population scale disaster at hospitals trying to save the lives of too many 1 out of 200 infections. When thousands are getting sick per week in a community that 1 out of 200 quickly becomes a very ugly number for hospitals to handle.

Add to this now that 99%+ of people who end up as that 1 out of 200 could have avoided such serious illness in the first place by trusting in vaccine science more than conspiracy and rumor and the tragedy of each death in 1st world countries is even more awful.

Every outbreak now could have been massively limited anywhere vaccines are readily available but unused.
Fri Jul 16 17:07:39
"then it came to our shores and conservative media warped their minds into typical right-wing stupidity."

Easy for it to turn into an us vs. them divide over what should be a nonpartisan issue when the powers that be push inane policies. Seeing people getting arrested on outdoor bleachers for not wearing a mask sitting with their family that is socially distanced from other groups is a good way to foster distrust and feed the hoax crowd.
Fri Jul 16 22:28:23
There's always going to be some anecdotes about retards out there.

It's the far right that repeats isolated examples over and over again or usually just outright lies.

You fucktards are so easily triggered.
Sat Jul 17 14:00:06
I mean...George Floyd
Sat Jul 17 14:20:06
It was definitely an anecdote but a truly outrageous one where a white police officer clearly killed a man with his buddies just standing by and being dumbshits.

Big difference between some uppity cop telling people to get off the beach.

And there is real systemic racism in the US. Every black family has the talk with their kids. Every minority knows to avoid groups of uneducated whites.

No white person has to fear anything except their own exaggerated sense of victimhood. Nobody's coming to take your guns unless you did something wrong. The worst they will do is pay an overinflated price for them in buybacks.

Even king libertarian Forwyn is going to get a shit ton of money this year from me due to the new child tax credit passed by Democrats.

If you would be kind enough to stick to your principles and return the money so I can afford to buy more tofu and solar panels, I'd appreciate it you hypocrite.
Sat Jul 17 16:23:53
"a truly outrageous one"

There are plenty of truly outrageous ones. The most comparable is Tony Timpa, killed in exactly the same manner as George Floyd:


I don't care to debate the merits of Floyd, it appeared to be murder, a jury agreed, it's done - unlike the vast majority of cops who walk.

I'm just telling you, when this is the guy glorified and made murals of, the same hoax crowd is going to immediately talk about him pistol whipping his baby mama.

Most people operate on anecdotes, whether or not they're truly outrageous, which is subjective. Kid's birthday part today had a few Boomers, their biggest stuff to shit talk is wearing a mask into restaurants and immediately taking it off at their table.

"return the money"

To who, China?
Sat Jul 17 16:33:17
"And there is real systemic racism in the US."

Oh and I agree fwiw, but I'd say it was becoming better culturally before the Tumblr crowd took hold; nineties kids were less racist than ever, interracial relationships were on the rise, racial in-groups were softening.

That's what makes the new generation of cops less biased, and no amount of bureaucratic regulation will ever serve as an appropriate substitute.

Now there's no cultural sharing, it's all appropriation.

God, the left needs to take some freshman marketing and group psychology courses, lol.
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