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Utopia Talk / Politics / Second most powerful republican...
Tue Jul 27 23:01:24
...driven out of press conference by whistles and signs.

the wanderer
Tue Jul 27 23:11:15
i suspect they will say that's just as bad as Jan 6th (if they haven't already)
Im better then you
2012 UP Football Champ
Tue Jul 27 23:18:47
Yes this is worse than Jan 6 it's almost as bad as when some assholes burned down a police substation in Oregon.
Tue Jul 27 23:21:21
Who is the 2nd most powerful repub?
Im better then you
2012 UP Football Champ
Tue Jul 27 23:34:28
Bend over and I'll show you :)
Wed Jul 28 00:55:02
Do you have a decepticon outfit?I'll be Optimus Prime.
Average Ameriacn
Wed Jul 28 03:00:07
That's just as bad as Jan 6th.
Wed Jul 28 09:21:29
Republicans going to have to move on from Trump pretty soon anyways. The dude is 74 going on 90.

More importantly, all his policies are pure culture wars bullshit + tax cuts for the rich. Not that any idiot "conservative" nowadays seems to mind, it's all about winning only.

If the Dems win or lose by less than expected in the midterms, I expect a mass exodus from Trumpism by the GOP leadership. What would be nice is if all the Trumpers lost too but the 40% of the country dominated by Trump love him even more now than ever.

Hopefully the Delta variant thins them out.
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