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Utopia Talk / Politics / And then they came for Notre Dame
Tue Aug 24 21:11:58

Ranked 4th most offensive mascot...what sped has the job of ranking how offensive sports mascots are.

They are wrong that the redskims symbol WAS actually created by a woo woo.

Also, I know of not a single Irish American that has an issue with the Leprechaun.White people really dont get offended for themselves.
the wanderer
Tue Aug 24 21:46:53
a terrible poll

direct link:

the Nittany Lion made the 10 worst & the 10 creepiest
Tue Aug 24 21:54:59
people say Redskins was/is a disparaging name towards the tribes. It is actually the name of a specific tribe that was once in the Northeast US Southeast Canada . The tribe would use berries to dye their skin red. They didn't have a name for their tribe that worked well for settlers so when asked they told settlers they were redskins.

The tribe no longer exists so nobody left to get offended.

I still think it s funny that people complained that the Tennessee volunteer was to white and should be replaced and it was probably those same people that later decided Uncle Ben can't be on rice any more.
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