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Utopia Talk / Politics / The West's slide into totalitarianism
Wed Aug 25 09:25:36

YOU MUST STAY AT HOME unless you have a reasonable excuse to leave your home.

-People in areas with Stay at Home rules cannot go out to visit someone that they do not normally live with.

-People who live alone can have a "singles bubble" with a nominated visitor. This person will need to be registered with the NSW government.

-People are not be allowed to leave their homes between 9pm and 5am.

-People living in hotspot areas are limited to exercising outdoors for just one hour per day.

-Police will be able to lock down apartment blocks while health authorities assess COVID-19 risk.

-A residential premise can be deemed a COVID-risk premise, with all people required to present to police during compliance checks.

-Police will be able to direct a person who has been issued with an infringement notice to return to their place of residence.

-If a person from outside an Local Government Area (LGA) of concern is found to be in an LGA of concern without a reasonable excuse, they will be fined $1000 and required to isolate at home for 14 days.

-Food and other goods and services must be obtained within the local government area where people live, or within 5km of where people live.

-Persons that have left their home must show their proof of address if asked by the NSW Police.

-List of retail premises ordered to close including nursery and hardware stores has been expanded.

-Any person who wishes to travel to regional NSW must have a permit.

-The NSW Police Force will have an increased and more visible presence across Greater Sydney, backed up by 500 additional Australian Defence Force personnel.
Wed Aug 25 09:26:53
How is the NSW anything other than a prison for an entire state of people right now?

And the scariest thing is that Australians overwhelmingly support these measures. They WANT to live in outsize prisons.

Its absolutely insane.
Wed Aug 25 09:43:24
Well, they were a prison colony.
Average Ameriacn
Wed Aug 25 10:01:18
They're becoming a second China!

shannon can the canzuk alliance free Australia?
Wed Aug 25 11:01:49
I had no idea what NSW is. But the country is currently under conservative rule so I guess both sides are the same huh?
Wed Aug 25 11:38:33
” I had no idea what NSW is.”

I don’t know what it means either, but I think it means Not Safe World. These rules applies to all of the Not Safe World. The only place that is safe is your home, and that is why you must stay at home, or face a punishment of isolating yourself in your home for 14 days and pay $1000.
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