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Utopia Talk / Politics / NY undercounted covid deaths by ~ 12k
Wed Aug 25 16:49:37
Andrew Cuomo is a fucking criminal and needs to be prosecuted, drawn and quartered.

All the members of the media fawning over his handling of the covid pandemic already deserved a punch in the face. Now seppuku is the only honorable option they have left.


Wed Aug 25 16:55:24
They gave this motherfucker an Emmy.

And they gave him it half a year AFTER the nursing scandal started being reported.

The star treatment Cuomo got last year was absolutely sickening.
Wed Aug 25 17:10:35

"They gave this motherfucker an Emmy."

Oh that's not the worst part. The worst part was the media push to promote him as some kind of heroic figure and dumbasses calling themselves "Cuomosexuals".

The raw (and BS) numbers that they had released were a fucking scandal. It was complete incompetence and mismanagement.

Every loved one of every victim should get to kick him in the nuts before he faces justice.

And all of the accomplices that helped him pull this bullshit need to face the music right along with him.

Wed Aug 25 17:15:44
"The worst part was the media push to promote him as some kind of heroic figure and dumbasses calling themselves "Cuomosexuals"."

I've posted this before, but it's honestly one of the most cringeworthy videos I've seen in my entire life.


People and the media absolutely lost their minds over Cuomo in 2020. Even though he was commonly known as a piece of shit even before the pandemic, and even though New York has always been one of the worst-performing states in fighting the pandemic, this guy was somehow made into a "hero."

Sam Adams
Wed Aug 25 18:10:49
Ahhh so thats where the nursing home folks went... deleted from existence by some Democrat functionary
Wed Aug 25 20:13:18
Well the Emmy was revoked today so all is good and fine with the world.
Wed Aug 25 23:00:43
If cuomo was this bad, all these republican shitheads pushing for no masks were worse.
Thu Aug 26 00:28:59
yeah because the all passed a mandate that killed thousands, lied about it and went on a groping spree.
Thu Aug 26 02:49:45
How can this be. Conservatives were all claiming most of the deaths labeled as Covid 19 were really from something else.
Cherub Cow
Sun Aug 29 00:36:10
[Rugian]: "People and the media absolutely lost their minds over Cuomo in 2020."

Makes you wonder if people like Colbert, Noah, Kimmel, Meyers, and the SNL writers (the "Cuomosexuals" and Cuomo/Fauci fluffers) ever realized that they were getting their jokes and narratives from DNC propaganda talking points or if they simply found a way to weasel out of responsibility for being beholden state apparatuses — perhaps telling themselves, "The propaganda was for a good cause!".

Even now, their propagandized citizens still say that Trump is responsible for 600,000 deaths... a number which they shamelessly raised from 500,000 following Biden's election (i.e., they blame Trump for every death, even after Biden settled into his own COVID policies). Do you think the propagandized will subtract these 55,395 deaths from the 600k that they put on Trump? Will they subtract Whitmer's 21,520? The numbers of other DNC governors and mayors? Not a chance.
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