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Utopia Talk / Politics / Pakistan next
Fri Aug 27 00:42:41
From a swedish news source:

”Both Afghans, Taliban and American soldiers are among the victims after yesterday's attacks at the airport in Kabul. A subgroup of the terrorist group IS called ISIS-K claims to be behind the attacks, which have claimed more than 100 lives.

- It is a group of dissatisfied Taliban who have their origins in Pakistan. They have their stronghold in Nangarhar province on the border with Pakistan in the east,”

Biden said that he will hunt them down and make them pay. So I guess he will go into Pakistan now.

I have also read that the Pakistani intelligence service is full of jihadists. It explains how OBL could hide for so long in Pakistan next to a Pakistani army base.
Fri Aug 27 01:39:49
obama did it, see no reason why biden wouldn't do it.
Fri Aug 27 05:15:57
Don't need to do much. Bomb a bunch of empty villages in October 2022. Wag the Dog baby.
Fri Aug 27 06:41:32

The Taliban is a creation of Pakistani intelligence, and Pakistani intelligence has a hand in every terrorist group in the area. That has been known all along.

Why we didn't nuke Pakistan in the first place is a mystery.

Tue Aug 31 16:57:39
Maybe the US can get India to nuke Pakistan.

India was pissed at Pakistan after the 2008 Mumbai terror attacks that was orchestrated and led by Pakistan's intelligence agency (ISI).
Tue Aug 31 17:05:03

That would be awesome. That would help clean up Pakistan and Afghanistan while cutting down on the number of nukes in the world. Everybody wins! :o)

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