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Utopia Talk / Politics / yankeez have da own corona variant now
Sat Sep 04 11:49:30
called MU.

apparently it comes from da south america but funnily enough have of da known cases r from usa...how?

like, how can it originate from souyther america but da yankeez have half of da known cases???

anyway da fear is, this one is completely resistant 2 da vaccines


About 4,500 infections involving the Mu variant, known scientifically as B. 1.621, have been reported across the world, with more than half discovered in the US
Sat Sep 04 14:13:49
Americans are allowed to leave their country.
Sat Sep 04 15:01:20
"Called Mu, the B.1.621 variant was first detected in Colombia in January this year. As of September 4, cases of the strain have been reported in 47 US states and the District of Columbia, Newsweek was first to report."
"The Mu variant accounts for fewer than one percent of total COVID-19 cases, with the Delta variant dominant in the US.

Earlier this week, Mu was added to the WHO's "of interest" list of variants."
Cloud Strife
Sun Sep 05 05:15:04
Don't worry guys, I did my own research, and a totally reliable independent source verifies that you can cure and prevent the mu variant with vitamins and drinking small amounts of insecticide.
Average Ameriacn
Sun Sep 05 05:26:44
Mu is cow corona?
Sun Sep 05 11:01:43

"... and drinking small amounts of insecticide."

The rule of thumb is if a little is good, more is better. It's always better to be safe than sorry.

Sun Sep 05 14:23:20
Organic carrots and clean water cures everything, even death.
Cloud Strife
Mon Sep 06 04:00:41
The rule of thumb is if a little is good, more is better. It's always better to be safe than sorry. '

What we've decided is best for our family is to start with a small amount, and then if we don't get better, increase the amount. This way we can dose safely, and keep our cupboards fuller longer.
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