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Utopia Talk / Politics / Taking horse dewormer for Covid
Peter walsh
Sun Sep 05 14:32:59

Ivermectin: Oklahoma doctor warns against using drug for Covid treatment

A US doctor is urging people to stop taking the horse deworming drug Ivermectin to treat Covid-19.

Patients have been needing urgent treatment at emergency units in Oklahoma hospitals after overdosing on the drug, Dr Jason McElyea says.

Small doses of Ivermectin are approved for use on humans, but not for Covid.

"You've got to have a prescription for this medication for a reason - because it can be dangerous," Dr McElyea told the BBC.

He said a "handful" of people overdosing on the drug were putting further strain on hospital staff already stretched by a surge in Covid cases.

"The [emergency rooms] are so backed up that gunshot victims were having hard times getting to facilities where they can get definitive care and be treated," he told local broadcaster KFOR earlier this week.

Ivermectin, mainly a veterinary deworming agent, can be used in small doses to treat some human conditions.

But the drug has become controversial after being promoted as a way of treating or preventing Covid, despite being so far unproven.

Ivermectin to be studied as Covid treatment in UK
Ivermectin and milk among unproven Covid 'cures'
Its use has become so common in the US that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) released a statement last month urging people not to take it.

"You are not a horse. You are not a cow," the FDA said, warning that taking large doses of the substance "is dangerous and can cause serious harm".

This week, the influential podcast host Joe Rogan, who has dismissed vaccines, said he was taking Ivermectin after testing positive for Covid-19.

Dr McElyea said patients who had taken the drug were arriving at hospital with vomiting, muscle aches, and even vision loss.

"Some people taking inappropriate doses have actually put themselves in worse conditions than if they'd caught Covid," he told KFOR.

"You have to ask yourself, 'If I take this medicine, what am I going to do if something bad happens?' What's your next step, what's your back-up plan? If you're going to take a medicine that could affect your health, do it with a doctor on board."

Oklahoma is one of several US states battling the spread of the Delta Covid variant, with 18,438 new cases recorded in the past week.
Sun Sep 05 14:43:14
Ivermectin is commonly used in humans for a bunch of stuff. But they can't just leave it at "there is no good evidence for this being effective against Covid", they just have to bring the knob all the way up to 11 and make sure to use some easily googled exaggeration/lie to ridicule people, that only ends up gives ammo to the mongoloids of this world.

Are you happy FDA? Are you?
Cloud Strife
Sun Sep 05 14:50:39
`Ivermectin is commonly used in humans for a bunch of stuff. '

Occasionally used for specific stuff.
Sun Sep 05 14:51:32
Yeah, calling it horse dewormer is pretty dishonest, and it shows the bias of the media outlets using that term.

It'd be like referring to oats as "horse food." Yes, oats are eaten by horses, but there are plenty of valid reasons for humans to consume them too.
Sun Sep 05 14:53:38
The FDA has killed and harmed more Americans than the CIA and all police departments combined.Honestly ot should just be abolished or stick to enforcing labeling laws and such.
Sun Sep 05 14:59:29

Logo for WebMD
Logo for WebMD


Lung Disease & Respiratory Health Coronavirus News
CDC Alerts Doctors After Sharp Increases in Ivermectin Use for COVID
By Brenda Goodman, MA
man coronavirus graphic
The CDC is warning physicians to be on the lookout for cases of ivermectin overdose, as people increasingly self-prescribe the drug in an effort to prevent or treat COVID-19.

Ivermectin is an anti-parasitic drug that is used to treat river blindness and intestinal roundworm infection in humans and to de-worm pets and livestock. Lotions and creams containing ivermectin are also used to treat head lice and rosacea.

A study published last Marchshowed that ivermectin killed SARS-CoV-2 in cells growing in a lab within 48 hours, and proposed that the medication be investigated as a cheap and easily available treatment for COVID-19.

But cells are not people, and subsequent studies have failed to find any benefit. Others have been flagged for fraud.


A better comparison I think would be calling amoxicillin a horse medication.
Sun Sep 05 15:20:59
Rugian, don't be a mongoloid. Get vaccinated.

Sun Sep 05 16:13:16
"You are not a horse. You are not a cow,"


So people in the USA gladly take a horse deworming drug, but they refuse to take the actual vaccine for covid. Lol

Just let them continue. I don’t see why everyone bothers. America is supposed to be free country after all.
the wanderer
Sun Sep 05 20:33:57
“calling it horse dewormer is pretty dishonest, and it shows the bias of the media outlets using that term”

except morons are buying up vet supply stocks not getting human prescriptions
the wanderer
Sun Sep 05 21:32:56
Tucker noted that many ‘foreign countries’ are using ivermectin to treat covid, don’t think he ever specified which... googling, it seems to be Latin America and some other poor countries

Tucker also supports counterfeit vaccination cards, many of which are coming in from China

so the cultists are taking the same drugs as the filthy vermin that Dems are bringing across the border to change demographics (according to Tucker) and financially supporting China who they blame for the pandemic
Sun Sep 05 21:47:23
"except morons are buying up vet supply stocks not getting human prescriptions"

Fair enough, but this is because doctors wont preacribe this for covid (for good reason I guess)

They make amoxicillin for pets/livestock as well, about 70% pf US antibiotics are actually used on livestock.

But we have established before Tucker is an entertainer who talks about politics, nothing more.
the wanderer
Sun Sep 05 21:53:20
people listen to him & are influenced by him & he's the highest rated show on an alleged News channel

although this isn't really about Tucker, if you go into a vet supply store & buy medication for animals you are indeed buying medication for animals not the ingredients
Sam Adams
Sun Sep 05 22:58:38
Lol @ rolling stone getting badly trolled.
Sun Sep 05 23:29:20
1- "Don't trust vaccines made by big pharma and not tested thoroughly".

2- "Trust a drug made by big pharma that is not thoroughly tested".

Truly Hotrod levels of retardation. I so wish he was still alive to entertain us with being right in the middle of this foolishness.
Mon Sep 06 04:08:17
”except morons are buying up vet supply stocks not getting human prescriptions”

It’s the same compound though, it isn’t magically different because a vet prescribes it. I don’t know how your system works. I was once prescribed the painkiller tramadol. Then when dog was dying the vet prescribed him tramadol. I went to the same human pharmacy and got (the same) tramadol. It’s the same shit from the same source! Vets don’t have their supply chains for medicine that works in several species.

This is the fucking problem, this sifting through the sands to find imaginary stuff to take issue with! There is no evidence that ivermectin works. The End.
Mon Sep 06 04:13:30
See it on the bright side, they are taking the pandemic seriously at least :)
Mon Sep 06 05:01:21
So which one of you geniuses know the proper dosage for humans? Is it based on weight?
Mon Sep 06 05:38:11
Nimatzo, In the US the main difference really is government scrutiny over the prescription making process, it also wouldnt be the same pharmacy, but lets say you were to have a lab analyze it, its would chemically be the same.
Mon Sep 06 05:39:49
I've always wanted dabble with oxytocin. Which is hard to get prescribed, but is commonly used to enduce labornin livestock.
Wed Sep 08 12:34:20

So it seems this is fake news. Human doctors are prescribing ivermectin to humans.

Joe Rogan took it and said CNN is ckaiming he is taking horse meds.

Also the Tokyo medical Association is reccomending it.
Wed Sep 08 12:50:10
^Yea and apparently he recovered after 3 days. Unclear what sped up the recovery since he took EVERYTHING!
Wed Sep 08 12:56:44
I accidently gave myself an injection of 7-way (used for cattle) so I guess in high school and part of college I was protected against seven different Clostridial diseases.
Got myself in the wrist because the steer bucked just at the wrong moment and my forearm looked like Popeye's forearm for a couple of days. Hurt like hell.
Wed Sep 08 16:21:30
Nimatzo, Yeah, even IV vitamins. Plus for a 50 something he is in way better health than your average Joe.
Wed Sep 08 17:15:40

"Nimatzo, Yeah, even IV vitamins. Plus for a 50 something he is in way better health than your average Joe."

It's funny that some people see this as proof that the horse wormer works, when they are the first to tell you that 99% of people recover just fine from covid.

Wed Sep 08 17:24:59
At the very least it didn't seem to hurt him.

And again he was prescribed it from his physician.So its a horse reformer as much as amoxicillin is a horse antibiotic.
Wed Sep 08 17:25:27
What it does show is that once again, CNN is just making shit up.
Wed Sep 08 19:53:30

I didn't see the CNN report so I have no idea what was said, but it is in fact a horse dewormer.

Wed Sep 08 21:59:33
"except morons are buying up vet supply stocks not getting human prescriptions"

There is a long history of humans buying antibiotics and such from coops and other agri-supply stores.

The numbers are exacerbated by pharmacists who are refusing to fill prescriptions issued by doctors.
Wed Sep 08 22:14:11
"Ivermectin proved to be even more of a ‘Wonder drug’ in human health, improving the nutrition, general health and wellbeing of billions of people worldwide ever since it was first used to treat Onchocerciasis in humans in 1988. It proved ideal in many ways, being highly effective and broad-spectrum, safe, well tolerated and could be easily administered (a single, annual oral dose). It is used to treat a variety of internal nematode infections, including Onchocerciasis, Strongyloidiasis, Ascariasis, cutaneous larva migrans, filariases, Gnathostomiasis and Trichuriasis, as well as for oral treatment of ectoparasitic infections, such as Pediculosis (lice infestation) and scabies (mite infestation).14) Ivermectin is the essential mainstay of two global disease elimination campaigns that should soon rid the world of two of its most disfiguring and devastating diseases, Onchocerciasis and Lymphatic filariasis, which blight the lives of billions of the poor and disadvantaged throughout the tropics."

Cherub Cow
Thu Sep 09 06:23:07
[Habebe]: "CNN is just making shit up."

It was not surprising to see corporate shills Rachel Maddow (MSNBC) and Erin Burnett (CNN) spearheading the propaganda on this one. The meme-o-sphere has been overrun with the "horse dewormer" and "horse medicine" propaganda phrases — the latest weaponized vocabulary for the tribalists to use against their shared "Emmanuel Goldstein" — all to distract them from the economics behind the veil. I'm always amazed at how deeply the corporate interests have their hooks into people.

BigPharma sees Ivermectin as a financial threat to their shareholders. Vaccines, boosters, and therapeutics paid for by government under emergency use mean guaranteed income for years. We're talking fewer facility inspections/audits (which drives down production costs), guaranteed customers, and free media marketing. Even the therapeutics get marketed to people as "free" treatments (perhaps not the hospital trip itself, of course), which means guaranteed payment to the pharma companies every time their products get dispensed. Ivermectin, meanwhile, is cheaper, not on the emergency use list (not "free"), readily available, easy to administer, and gaining popularity from its results and name recognition. So, Pharma needs to damage Ivermectin's reputation among the masses while they release their own treatment options, get those options into clinics, and increase their production tempos.

Novel COVID treatments have been under development by pharma companies since early 2020 and have seen billions expended in research and development — that investment has to be protected. Some therapeutics (about ten[1]) have made it past the emergency authorization requirements, but the profit isn't quite there for the Pharma companies yet. In late August, Washington Post wrote a BigPharma puff piece about the "free" treatments available to people who get COVID, but they left these juicy bits in the story:
• "But Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, maker of the only authorized, free monoclonal antibodies, said it is reaching fewer than 30 percent of eligible patients, up from fewer than 5 percent a month ago."
• "We have a long way to go on how do we reach the general public where they are,"
• "“Awareness was kind of low among physicians for a long time,”"
• "An HHS spokeswoman said the agency has worked hard this year to expand access to the therapy, helping cities across the United States set up treatment centers. Weekly calls with state and territorial health officials include distribution of covid-19 therapies and a web site has been established to help consumers find the treatments, she said."

In other words, BigPharma is not getting good name recognition for their therapeutics. They got *some* recognition when Trump talked positively about Regeneron, but because DNC media went hellfire on Trump, they burned Regeneron shares in the process. BigPharma is now calling on DNC media via the White House to sell their products and make distribution easier. This includes a strategy to de-legitimize Ivermectin. If they can convince people that Ivermectin is "horse medicine" taken exclusively by idiots, then they get those convinced people to start looking for an FDA-approved therapeutic which increases BigPharma's shareholder value.

[1] FDA.gov; treatments currently authorized under emergency use: http://www...y-use-authorization#coviddrugs
• Actemra (Tocilizumab) - Genentech
• Sotrovimab - GlaxoSmithKline LLC
• Propofol‐Lipuro 1% - B. Braun Medical Inc.
• Bamlanivimab and Etesevimab - Eli Lilly and Company
• REGEN-COV (Casirivimab and Imdevimab) - Regeneron Pharmaceuticals
• Baricitinib (Olumiant) - Eli Lilly and Company
• COVID-19 convalescent plasma - Bratcher-Bowman
• REGIOCIT replacement solution - Baxter Healthcare
• Fresenius Kabi Propoven 2% - Fresenius Kabi
• Veklury/Remdesivir - Gilead Sciences
[2] Washington Post, August 20th, 2021 "Monoclonal antibodies are free and effective against covid-19, but few people are getting them"
Thu Sep 09 10:39:49
Murder, Why do considwr it horse meds?

Because it's used on horses as well humans?

Because it is a legal prescription for both animals and humans.Just like amoxicillin, if a horse has a dental infection, or a human its the same medication.

Joe Rogan had this humam grade medication prescribed to him by a human physician.

By that definition everyone here has probably taken horse or dog drugs at one point because many of them are interchangeable.
Thu Sep 09 11:21:19
I don't think you are going to change murders mind. He is immune to facts.
Thu Sep 09 11:55:48
Nimatzo, In his defense, many major news outlets are claiming it is just that.Ive also not seen any fact checks yet to clarify them.

I have a high rate of distrust in daod institutions and if I donsupport some censorship I want to ban the use of the words slam and rip from news articles...

Everyone is slamming or ripping someone else, no one just states shit anymore.

Even the coverage abput JR saying CNN is making shit up, f you watch the video he didnt seem like he was actually going to sue them, but Id think he would like a retraction, he dodnt slam or rip anyone.

Yeah I know , bit of a tangent.
Thu Sep 09 13:05:07

"By that definition everyone here has probably taken horse or dog drugs at one point because many of them are interchangeable."

You can't sue for a true statement. Even if you find it offensive. If it is used as a horse dewormer, then saying that it's a horse dewormer is a true statement.

I'm not even sure that it is used for horses. But if it is, then there is 0% chance of winning a lawsuit.

Thu Sep 09 13:24:15
Again, I dont think he is planning on a suit, it was said like "what do I have to do, do I have to sue them"

The medication is used in pretty much any mammal that has these parasites.Like how anti biotics are used to fight bacterial infections, regardless of the animal.Or say Tylenol/aspirin.

Biden drinks rat water is a more accurate statement.

It also is known to have anti bacterial and anti viral properties.Its discovery led.to a nobel prize in 2015.

Thu Sep 09 13:39:43

"Biden drinks rat water is a more accurate statement."

FOX News had an entire meltdown over the illegitimate Kenyan born President of the United States wearing a tan colored suit.

The media reporting that Joe Rogan took horse dewormer to treat covid is trivial compared to tons of other shit that is given legitimacy and air time.

Thu Sep 09 13:57:50
Yeah, FOX is nuts....it doesn't meam that CNN and msnbc and NPR all blatantly misled at the very least and blatantly lied at the worst.

And this is sort of a big deal, JR just happens to have a platform to adequately respond.

Ivermectin is relativley harmless. And has shown in labs to kill covid in a Petri dish, its unknown if it works invivo as of yet, early studies were not promising.

In general study Ivermectin has been known to be antiparasitic, anti viral and anti bacterial , and with minimal safety issues, which is probably why it was studied for covid to begin with.
Thu Sep 09 16:04:53
"FOX News had an entire meltdown over the illegitimate Kenyan born President of the United States wearing a tan colored suit."

About as dumb as the meme that this was his only "scandal"
Thu Sep 09 16:59:39
It is now official. Anti Vaxxers who take horse dewormer for Covid 19 will now be referred to as "neighsayers"
Thu Sep 09 17:32:31
^ Turtle Crawler, please permaban patom for that AWFUL pun
Fri Sep 10 10:43:08
Rugian, May the Neigh be with you :)
Fri Sep 10 11:18:14

More Rogan debugging horse dewormer narrative.
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