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Mon Sep 06 10:21:21
Putin is awesome, he is the best troll of the whole world!


The scam continues.
My "doubles", who at the time of the elections became "Boris Vishnevsky", having changed their first and last name, have now changed their appearance. We've grown beards and mustaches, and I think they've gotten some touch-ups as well.
See how they look on the poster that will hang on the lots.


A Kremlin critic standing for public office in St Petersburg has accused the authorities of dirty tricks after it emerged that two people who share his name were running as rival candidates in an apparent bid to confuse voters.

Boris Vishnevsky, a lawmaker, will face challenges from seven other candidates in his constituency at elections to the city’s legislative assembly scheduled for this autumn.

They include include Boris Vishnevsky, a 62-year-old unemployed man, and Boris Vishnevsky, a 43-year-old office worker. Neither has any previous political experience. Both men are officially running as independents.

Vishnevsky, 65, alleged that the two men were spoiler candidates working for the authorities. He said their campaigns were aimed at hindering his attempt to be re-elected.
Mon Sep 06 12:12:27

It doesn't matter. It's not like they're actually going to count the votes.

Where are the Cyber Ninjas when you need them?

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