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Utopia Talk / Politics / Was Jesus a Commie?
Tue Sep 07 15:32:55
In philosophical circles, at least the continental school, Marx is generally seen as one of a number of historically important figures (important because of his impact), as well as a serious researcher who was probably wrong about quite a few things.

However, this being philosophy, they tend to be more interested in what led him to his theories, the social background he was working within, historical precedence and previous steps made by forerunners, etc etc etc.

One of the most common criticisms the continental philosophers level at Marx is that he dismissed, in no uncertain terms, religion, which is usually linked to his Jewish/Christian family background - while unconsciously basing his ideology on Jewish and Christian virtues. I.e., they criticize him for his ideology, core tenets of which they find he sourced from religion, while he simultaneously branded religion as a complete con.


Tue Sep 07 15:35:04
(Marx, of course, based his stuff on the philosopher Hegel, making him doubly interesting from philosophy scholars' perspective)
Average Ameriacn
Tue Sep 07 15:41:46
Marx is dead, Jesus lives!
Tue Sep 07 16:16:36
Well it does highlight his inability to analyze himself and his own thoughts and the context in which the emerged. He was wrong about a bunch of stuff, right about others. It's life you know.
Sam Adams
Tue Sep 07 17:12:35
"Was Jesus a Commie?"

Yes. A filthy one too. Should have just enjoyed his wine and slaves like a good roman.
Tue Sep 07 19:40:45
Never trust a man with no shirt on.
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