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Utopia Talk / Politics / Ted Cruz vs Patton Oswald
Im better then you
2012 UP Football Champ
Thu Sep 09 16:26:20
Ted Cruz is by far the most despicable person in government right now.

Thu Sep 09 16:34:44
Uproxx? Generally fake news...but anyway, didn't click this but Patton Oswald is a weirdo, funny, I like him as an entertainer but politically he is a cold weirdo.
Thu Sep 09 16:35:19
Ted Cruz is the devil though.
smart dude
Fri Sep 10 01:47:26
isnt patton oswalt that fat fuck who looks like a lesbian with down syndrome?
Cherub Cow
Fri Sep 10 04:49:56
Patton Oswalt is a proponent of slave morality feminism (he wants to be ruled), so his hot-takes come from a place of nihilistic self-destruction. And, naturally, all of his jokes were re-used clichés. He even told the porn joke (that happened in 2017).. so it's not exactly cutting edge propaganda that he's pulling.

Ted Cruz is at least good at provoking these mentally unstable people. Seth Rogen's unhinged responses also come to mind. Rogen fell apart in one quick exchange — an example of a person who cannot intellectually operate outside of his rage mob's protection. The weak-minded have been exposed thoroughly by these years of propaganda.
Fri Sep 10 05:20:27
"but anyway, didn't click"

You may as well not bother saying this, its already assumed in every thread you post in.
Fri Sep 10 08:47:59
Rugian, Well, its uproxx...I already know the shit they put out.
Fri Sep 10 08:56:08
Oh, I didn't even look at the link before not clicking on it. Lol
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