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Utopia Talk / Politics / UK rids itself of white people
Sam Adams
Tue Sep 14 10:39:06

Sebs gonna seb.
Tue Sep 14 11:27:17
Daily Mail says:

”The English Touring Opera has dropped 14 white musicians in a woke drive to 'increase diversity' in the company.

The musicians, aged 40 to 66, have been told they will not be offered contracts with the company in Spring 2022 citing diversity guidance from the Arts Council England, the Sunday Times reported.”

ETO says in their letter:

” As you know, the company has appointed a new Music Director, Gerry Cornelius. Gerry will be involved in advising on freelance orchestral engagements, as you would expect; he has been tasked with working with Phil Turbett on SHAPING THE MODERN ORCHESTRA, and there have been recent auditions to inform that work.”

It sounds like they want to make the orchestra more modern. Maybe they just want more new fresh young people and not necessarily more brown and yellow people?

”The musicians, who officially work as freelancers, can be dropped from the opera season-on-season but many have played with the company for up to 20 years and consider it a permanent job. ”

Nothing is permanent. And if they work as freelancers they should know that one day they will need to work for someone else. It sucks to lose a contract but they will just need to find a new job like everyone else on this planet has to do from time to time. And 20 years? After 20 years you probably should consider to move on and find another client to work with.
Tue Sep 14 19:36:06
Thats quite the endorsement of at-will employment from you there, Swedefag.
Im better then you
2012 UP Football Champ
Thu Sep 16 07:52:24
Sam and Rugian are very passionate about the qualifications of the English Touring Opera.
Sam Adams
Thu Sep 16 09:41:17
Anti-White discrimination is so prevelent it must be fought in all its forms.
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