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Utopia Talk / Politics / From Russia with love: War XIV
Tue Mar 15 01:52:18
Member Tue Mar 15 00:07:05
Habebe, you sound like forwyn and rugian bitching about zelensky not allowing males between 18 and 65 to leave Ukraine. Sorry. It's a real war. You defend your home.
Member Tue Mar 15 00:15:11
Defending by not letting Civillians leave and egging on the enemy to carpet bomb?

That's not defense thats martyrism!
Member Tue Mar 15 01:05:47
I can understand drafting males of fighting age to a militia in times of war. I'm not a fan, but I get it, that is a way to boost defensive forces in numbers.

However, when the enemy is permitting Civillians to flee safely, and you refuse that and taunt them to carpet bomb those same people you are refusing to let flee, you are signing their death warrants.
large member Tue Mar 15 01:35:13
I had no idea khakiv was an open city with no military defence. Wow, yah, Russia must be taking out its anger in frustration out there.

Instead, you know, of preparing to capture the down by force as it would do if it was actively defended.
large member Tue Mar 15 01:39:20
In sum. Ukraine can legitimately defend all the built up areas it wants, but should prolly not complain about built up areas getting destroyed if it does.

We get it. Russia is bad. But rethink your defense strategies if you have the capability to actually make and hold defensive systems in low population density areas.

If not, then war sucks.
large member
Tue Mar 15 01:53:43
Too slow habebe. And my title is better.
Tue Mar 15 01:54:34
I would have done a view to kill, the actual 14th Bimd movie released the year I was born...but, meh thats a boring title.

Into now see Jergul made a new thread exactly 1 minute before me, feel free to disregard this thread.
Tue Mar 15 01:57:24
Delete my thread.Ill use from Russia with love another time.
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