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Utopia Talk / Politics / Chairman Xi emerges as world leader for
Mon Apr 25 03:24:31
… for peace and prosperity.

In this comprehensive speech, President Xi made a number of important calls to the international community, stressing the need to unite to win final victory over Covid-19; to overcome underdevelopment; and to work towards global peace and stability.


Xi Jinping suggestions for building global peace:

✓ Reject Cold War mentality
✓ Uphold UN Charter
✓ Oppose sanctions
✓ Oppose bloc politics
✓ Uphold principle of indivisible security
✓ Non-interference in internal affairs
✓ Maximum cooperation

How will the West respond?


The West has already reacted:

U.S. says China continues to 'parrot' some Russian security concepts

Tue May 03 13:29:07
Now that Russia is actively mounting an anti-Sweden campaign, the thme being that Sweden is a Nazi country, it's going to be interesting to see which Utopians start to parrot propaganda that is directly traceable to Russia.
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