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Utopia Talk / Politics / US media landscape
Sat Jun 11 22:47:30
For 20-30 years the democrats have held a clear advantage in media/news.

Legacy media Id call Hollywood/major news stations other than FOX. Clearly all pro Democrat, its been a strength for them, but has it also stunted their growth?

Social media also has a strong left bias, mayne stronger than legacy media.

But as the under dogs, the right in the US has had to be crafty and turn to different avenues.

The right dominates alternative and newer media.

The left controls legacy and SM still, ans yet on Twitter which is a left wing sphere, RW pundits/politicians have greater active followers.Ben Shapiro has more interaction than CNN/MSNBC.

Ben clever as he is, is has also branched into his own regular media, which isn't even political but just regular movies not beholden to the wokists.

Grassroots/alternative media like Crowder/Shapiro/tim pool/Bannon etc. While not my cup of tea (well Shapiro) have real engagement.

Even FOX leads legacy media , albe it one station. Tucker Carlson re runs get better ratings than prime time Don Lemon. They even have more democratic voters watching Fox.

But a great deal of that is ABC, CBS , NBC , CNN and MSNBC are all left.

They still have the power to get almost every station to watch their sham "trial" on prime time.

It's the abuse of their power IMHO that has lead to the rise in new media. It's a good argument to say well the reason you dont hear about ABC/xyz is because they censor it, ans they have.Theyve been going too far with blatant censorship and abuse of power and its plain tonsee it, its only given fuel to the fire that is RW media.

Their reliance on a dying way to consume media has hindered their growth in new media. I wouldn't call Joe Rogan RW, but the left still has a hard on to suppress him because he doesn't support them 110%. He is a moderate, which makes the left look desperate to hold onto their gatekeeping powers that are fading.
Sat Jun 11 22:58:30

It never gets old watching Republicans try to convince people that the corporate media is left wing.

Sat Jun 11 23:01:44
By left wing, I mean pro Democrat.

The Bernie Left actually is doing pretty well emerging in new media as well.
Sun Jun 12 00:15:39
Mainstream media is sensationalist. Right-wing media is lying bullshit. The people caught lying in msm get demoted. The people caught lying at fox and far-right news outlets get promoted.

Idiot false equivalency.
Sun Jun 12 00:22:29
"The people caught lying in msm get demoted."

Uhm, NPR just doubles down.

Plenty of examples of lying or misleading.
Sun Jun 12 00:26:59

Pure made up lies. Zero evidence this was true. Denied By all involved who called it out as BS.
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