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Utopia Talk / Politics / How to fight stupid?
Im better then you
2012 UP Football Champ
Tue Jun 14 14:54:43
People gave Trump $250 million for "Stop the Steal" defense fund. Yet Trump supporters still defend him.

Tue Jun 14 15:02:27
Tue Jun 14 17:53:05

"How to fight stupid?"

The same way you fight smart. Get the first shot in, and then keep raining fists until they stop resisting.

Tue Jun 14 17:59:05

"People gave Trump $250 million for "Stop the Steal" defense fund. Yet Trump supporters still defend him."

No matter what they say, they always knew who and what he was. It's not like Donald Trump just dropped out of the sky one day. He had a very long and very public track record. But he is a repository of white grievance and they will gladly set themselves on fire and destroy their own lives to advance the white cause.

David Duke must be kicking himself.

Tue Jun 14 19:22:45
You don't fight stupid. You just point out murder is being stupid and move on.

Or argue a bit to be entertained but don't expect to fix stupid.
the wanderer
Tue Jun 14 22:32:30
interesting observation:

"The fundraising fraud revealed by the Committee on Monday--soliciting $250 M in donations for a non-existent election fund--is very similar to the conduct for which Steve Bannon was indicted (fraud for his "We Build the Wall" scam) and for which Sidney Powell now under DOJ investigation"
~ Harry Litman (a former U.S. Attorney)

not likely to hit Trump directly as it would be his team doing all the scam emails, w/ likely no links provable... but still would be very nice
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