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Wed Jun 15 12:17:31
Anyone played this game?


I’ve been doing what TC does. Watching this game for free. As soon as you finish one episode you will want to watch the next episode right away. Not sure that I need to buy it now. I could save my moneys. But, the game looks fun so I will play this game myself later. The game is really dark so you will need to play it at night in a darkened room as to not get light reflections on your screen.

It the same people who made Until Dawn. The goal is to make as many as possible to survive the night.
Wed Jun 15 12:24:52
never heard of it be4...

but watching right now.

Wed Jun 15 12:25:18
Wed Jun 15 12:29:21
I seen some commercials for it, looked really cool.

I love horror/mystery games.
Im better then you
2012 UP Football Champ
Wed Jun 15 12:34:31
$60 on steam I can wait until Summer sale.

Wed Jun 15 13:05:07
ibty, Do you use gog.com at all? I prefer them to steam usually, idk about this specific game though.

lots of older games, great sales.

Thy even have an updated/modded version of daggerfall.
Wed Jun 15 13:28:36
10 hours of gameplay for $60 seems steep, but it looks pretty interesting. I'm sure it'll be on sale a lot later this year, horror game sales don't age well.
Wed Jun 15 13:41:20
It has a ton of different endings though, so it isn't just 10 hours of gameplay.
Thu Jun 16 02:53:36
until dawn wasnt that bad. was enjoyable. but too short for a fully priced game.

besides, games like these r best enjoyed while watchin and eatin some cookiez.

home cinema baby.
Thu Jun 16 03:40:01
Good morning you fucking gamers! I'm currently sitting at home in covid-19 isolation but all is fine.

So I was looking for a nice game and found the €1 PC game pass for 3 months from Microsoft. But I think it's also available in the US:

"Buy 1 month for $1.00, get 2 months free
$9.99/month after that"

You won't find Quarry there but enough other stuff to waste your time while high on fever.
Thu Jun 16 04:07:34
lol does anyone actually just leave a voicemail message and then drive all da way there without even checkin 2 see if someone got her message?

does this shit actually happen in da real world. fuck no.
Thu Jun 16 07:22:35
it kinda borin so far though...

like da characters r moronic.

Thu Jun 16 10:04:50
Daemon, Good deal. MS onlynever had 2 games I got into.

Age of empires, IIRC was the first modern pc game I owned. I was Absolutley blown away. I remember playing the one map a billion times, sending my priests to say "ololo" trying to sneak convert the enemy and then build walls.
Thu Jun 16 10:05:50
The other was Fable, It was cool. Idnt get the same mileage out of it as AoE, but it was cool.
Thu Jun 16 12:38:01
maybe i got spoiled with elden ring and shit...
but this quarry game sucks.

characters r moronicly annoyin. even worse than shitty characters in b tier summer horror movies...

like what the fuck is wrong with them all da time.
Average European
Thu Jun 16 20:34:44
Rather than give him some road head, she's busting his balls about getting lost and gaslighting him about Columbus.

Worst gf ever.
Fri Jun 17 05:04:17
these characters r moronicly annoyin.
did i mention that already?

jesus christ, the two standouts.

faggot bitch, yes he is a faggot, ryan bryan whatever the fuck his name is. why does he always talk the way he does. he annoys me already just from talking. why does he always talk so slow and retarded. why does his tone always so sarcastic and tryin 2 be funny even though death has surrounded them...

like what kind of idiot would talk like that even when they r in dire need.

the other is that bitch slut with her live streams. why is she so annoyingly spoiled and bratty. why is she talkin so over exaggerated. i get that there carreers have kinda collapsed and this is a way for them to play in roles they wuldnt be able 2 get in C tier movies. but come on, its completely over da top.

other standouts.
that pos fratboy who is into that bitch. why is he so fuckin stupid and joking around like some meanshit.

asian chick.
so she is da baddest chick of them all. except she is annoying as fuck know it all? who made her da boss. and why isnt she delivering in moments of actual need. wasnt she this complete sharpshooter. like wtf.
Fri Jun 17 05:07:28
oh wait ryan is da black guy. he is stupid too. but he aint da faggot though.

da annoying white gay child is. whats his name. just call him gay kid.
Fri Jun 17 09:31:23
Tc doesn't understand the "game" is built around the 80s slasher/summer camp horror genre and as such every character is meant to be a dumb stereotype because that is what filled those movies. The difference is the player is able to take those stereotypical characters and make decisions for them to elevate them from being the jock/slut/nerd etc.
Sun Jun 19 12:14:15
i finished it.

jumpscares none
characters annoying, yes
story, mediocre
pretty straight forward too...

i say 6 out of 10
this aint no until dawn.
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