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Utopia Talk / Politics / Walmart cancels Lindell!!!!
Average Ameriacn
Thu Jun 16 09:30:09
Why is Walmart no longer on our side?


Walmart dropping MyPillow products, CEO Mike Lindell says

Lindell went on Facebook Live Wednesday to announce that the retailer had told him it was dropping his products.

42 minutes ago

Walmart is reportedly dropping its MyPillow products, according to controversial CEO Mike Lindell.

On a Wednesday Facebook Live, Lindell said he’s had recent meetings with top Walmart officers, who informed him the big box store is taking his products off the shelves.

Lindell claimed the move came despite high sales numbers and offers by him to allow Walmart to sell his products at a lower price.

He then proceeded to call the officers he’d spoken with “liars” multiple times.

“I said you guys are canceling us, just like the other box stores,” Lindell said on the Facebook Live.

“Shame on you Walmart, you’re disgusting!” he continued.

According to Lindell, the move will mean a total loss of around $100 million in wholesale sales for MyPillow.

Other retailers, including Bed Bath & Beyond and Kohl’s, dropped MyPillow’s products early last year amid the controversy over Lindell’s false claims.
Thu Jun 16 09:44:23
because they want to buy the denver broncos.
Thu Jun 16 12:43:06

What does he need Walmart for? He's got all those TV ads.

Thu Jun 16 12:47:04
Time to short WMT.
Thu Jun 16 13:36:33
Actually shorting WMT RN isnt a bad idea, the lindell issue aside.
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