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Utopia Talk / Politics / Ray epps and the FBI
Fri Jun 17 01:51:27

how is this man NOT charged while so many others were?

maybe we are lacking context, but why can this not be looked into transparently?

Something stinks in the stat of Denmark.

either the crowds were right, and he is a Fed, or we are missing something.
Fri Jun 17 02:29:17
Now lets be honest. Thos who broke the law, still did it. They are responsible for their own actions.

However it seems almost certain the FBI played a larger role in this they want to admit. Especially after this whole hearing and all thats lead up to it.

If they admit now they had people instigating and participating in the riot, this whole horse and pony show turns from a political horse and pony show into a laughing stock pf ineptitude.
Fri Jun 17 03:16:52
While looking into Epps, I found this guy Jake Sullivan.

So apparently he was there along side Epps. I initially took this to be tin hatter stuff, so I googled a fact check, Ive found that many fact checks will call something "false" or "partly" and then go on to lend the claim alot of support.

So the claim was that an antifa member was with Epps and was paid 70k for his video of the Jan 6th riots.

He apparently is not an antifa member, partly since its not one orginazitation is their rationale, but he said he wasn't, and he wouldnt lie.

Honestly , doesnt matter at all.

Now it is interesting, he runs a company called, get this "Insurgency USA" to combat police violence.

He was so troublesome that his local BLM chapter eventually disavowed him and kicked him out. Their reasoning was they claimed he was an "agent provacature"

He himself describes himself as an activist, an anti Trumpet and supporter of BLM and antifa sort of stuff.

Also he wasn't paid 70k. It was 90k, so that meme is Also a false on that part. The Justice dept. Made him give up the $, or atkeast 90k of what he got.


PolitiFact, an independent fact-checking organization, reported in January that Sullivan's social media accounts frequently used hashtags associated with anti-fascist and Black Lives Matter activists. He has described himself as a Trump opponent and supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement.

But Sullivan has repeatedly denied being associated with antifa groups. And local Black Lives Matter groups in Utah have disavowed him, accusing him of being an "agent provocateur."

USA TODAY reached out to Sullivan through his defense attorney, but he declined to comment.

**ÔéČOur rating: Partly false
Based on our research, we rate PARTLY FALSE the claim that a "known antifa member" was paid $70,000 for his video of the Jan. 6 Capitol riot. Court documents show news organizations paid Sullivan around $90,000 for his footage from the insurrection, but he is not a "known antifa member." Federal charging documents do not link Sullivan to any anti-fascist groups, and Sullivan has repeatedly denied being associated with the movement.***

Hilarious. The reasoning for the partly false is the funniest thing Ive read all day.
Fri Jun 17 03:17:34
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