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Utopia Talk / Politics / sebs wana maek a disabled suparheros
Fri Jun 17 06:24:07

'Why not have a disabled superhero in a Marvel movie?'

rofl yeh ok maek a new suparhero caled cripple man or weelchair man or autism man or down sindrome man

da sebs r tryin 2 corupt suparhero movies cryin 4 cripples 2 b in tham now
Fri Jun 17 06:59:36
Isn't daredevil blind? And doesn't Professor X use a wheelchair?
Fri Jun 17 07:04:52
- Professor Xavier is usually (but not always) a cripple in a wheelchair

- Technically Warmachine requires his suit to live (or he did for a long time)

- The Thing, Beast, many others in Marvel live public lives while permanently disfigured

- There is an X-Men character that is literally just a brain in a jar. That's pretty disabled.

- Forge has a prosthetic robot leg

- Buckey has a prosthetic robot arm

- Pepper Potts was crippled in Iron Man 3, but saved by extremis.

- Daredevil is literally fucking blind
Fri Jun 17 07:08:27
Flash Thompson is crippled in the army and then bonds with the Venom symbiote.
Fri Jun 17 07:29:03

Apparently the story is about disabled actors, not characters.

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