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Sun Jun 19 02:26:41
My dad is back in the hospital, which is the best place for him, worst trio yet. He couldn't even make it outside to meet him, hisnoxygen was at 80.He had a bad cold before and it had got worse than that, but he was definitely having a panic attack about not breathing, he shot up to 90 instantly, they met him at the door with o2. But Ive never seen him panic that much before.

He is so fucking stubborn though and swears the breathing treatment he has isnt working because he cant see it, but Its there and afterwards he always says it helps. But if he can't see it in his minding never works.

I just didn't like how panicky he was and your helpless. He always swears this is it and he is dying.Which he clearly has health issues, but he won't realise he gets oanic attacks, Ive had them, his mom had then too.

Can't call the hospital to check his status for like half an hr.Im glad he went early this time. I was just about asleep when he started yelling in the walkie and ran over, got him situated, he seemed to be doing a little better, but he was just so panicked, IDK how much was him stressing out and how serious his condition was.
Sun Jun 19 02:30:39
And I'm not trying to conspiracy nut out, but he has been in and out of the hospital more in the last 6 months than theblast 10 years. He had 2 vaccines and a booster, mabey there was a complication or something. He was doing fine all day, tired and hot. Well he did say he was throwing up in the AM.Mabey its a cold or something....idk.
Sun Jun 19 02:33:21
I cant sleep, I'm either pacing or twitching my leg out like a mad man....I might go clean the house or organize something....staying busy helps.
Cherub Cow
Sun Jun 19 03:00:57
Hope this turns out okay :(

Hard to say what the ratio of responsibility is for health issues between vaccines and lockdowns, since the immobilizing effects of the pandemic are being ignored and COVID "vaccine" flaws are being metered out slowly to avoid public backlash.

But, hopefully it's more grounded than that.. People can really benefit from family right now. Have some positive time with him if you can ♥
Sun Jun 19 03:44:24
At his age, many things can cause him to be sick, not just covid. Weight or other issues that decrease respiratory capacity is also an issue and can turn normal ailments more serious. The immune system generally just becomes weaker as you get older.

Don't worry about things you can't worry about. If you've faced this issue before, you probably understand you should just treat your time with him as it could be your last so if the worst comes to pass, you'll have no regrets. The same is true for all friends and family you care about and your dog.
Sun Jun 19 04:39:28
It sucks balls to see dad weak and sickly. I hope he gets well. My own dad is in his mid 70’s now and he looks so frail and old. All clear in the head, but like a little raisin. We sat an listned to music together the other week and his favorite songs they were all like this one, which is one of them:

Kansas - Dust in the wind

Oh dad :,)
Sun Jun 19 04:44:34
Thanks to you both. Ive calmed down. He made it to the hospital, hopefully it's largely him panicking.

I havnt talked to him since he was in with the dr. At the time, but I feel better hebis stabilised.

Dukhat, Yeah, your right. Heart wise he is surprisingly healthy, they say his arteries are almost perfectly clear, he has been on stations since 97.

I seriously think this area is really bad for breathing. Humidity is terrible, and pollen is so bad, I never had allergies in PA, today I couldn't stop sneezing and eyes were itchy after two zyrtec.

So that doesn't help.He was also a mechanic for 50 years, so all sorts of fumes and shit cant be good, he used to smoke too.

But he is stable, he should be good. I know it's eventually coming.
Sun Jun 19 04:46:56
Nim, Yeah, Im trying to plan a fishing trip soon. Music is good to. Getting old sucks.
Sun Jun 19 05:57:56
Sorry to hear about your father. My brother is now in a nursing home with more physical problems than a knocked up nun. His final fall at his home was a panic attack when he passed out. Thank God someone was there visiting him when that fall happened.

What sucks is that he has his mind. Nursing homes are a necessary evil. They are always short staffed and the staff they have are way underpaid.

I'm trying to get him a bed up here in Bangor so that I can be near and visit him on a regular basis. Very important if any of you have a loved one in a Nursing Home. You need to visit them often and at irregular times. This helps to insure that they are getting the attention of the staff.
Sun Jun 19 19:38:52
So mixed news. It was fluid on his lungs due to congestive heart failure.Not good, but not new either. He was diagnosed a few months ago with this.

They are not listing him as severe, 50/50 chance of 5 years left. With good care 2-5 is the estimate. Still...
Sun Jun 19 23:28:35
That's rough news. Wishing the best for your Dad.
Mon Jun 20 00:09:06
Thanks, I should point out those are my vague conservative estimates based in general population. 30% live more than 10 years and that number has grown significantly since the early 2000s. But I also realize other health factors, age and how frequently he has been to the ER.Which is why I figured in the 2 yr low estimate.

IDK, just preparing myself fornthe worse.
Mon Jun 20 03:33:24
Best of luck man, maybe he can adjust his diet and fluid intake to minimize trips to the ER.
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