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Utopia Talk / Politics / Democrats "grooming" children
Tue Jun 21 06:03:55
I'm sure most have you have noticed the recent accusations from Republicans that Democrats are grooming children ... often in response to criticism of the GOPs anti-LGBTQ bigotry ... and figure that it's just Republican trading insults with Democrats.

Dems call Reps homophobes, Reps call Dems groomers.

But that's not it. This all goes back to QAnon and the belief that Donald Trump was fighting a secret war against a nationwide/global pedophile sex trafficking ring involving Democrats/Hollywood/global elites ...

That's what it's about.

So when Republicans like Ron DeSantis talk about Democrats "grooming" children, what he's really doing is letting all the other crazies know that he's one of them.


Tue Jun 21 10:49:44
Something like 80% of Republicans express deep distrust of mainstream media. So they will never see any real information.

So if you catch Republicans in any kind of crime, the right-wing media complex will accuse the democrats of the same thing immediately even without proof.

To the brain-dead evangelicals and hardocre-right card, all they see is stuff about Hillary Clinton leading a pedophile ring and then when they finally somehow hear about Trump's sexual assaults weeks later, they think, "Oh the Dems are just trying to hide their own crimes."

Fake News Bubble at work.
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