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Tue Jun 21 11:17:55

"Well it is unedniable that pick up trucks look really nice, spacous and manly. My reneckification is an on going process. SO I think future cars will be Audi R4 and a Cybertruck."

Seriously, the cybertruck is your tech-embracing electric truck "redneckification" move?

I'm not much of a truck person, but the F-150 Lightning jumped out at me.

Basic contenders are:

- F-150 Lightning.

- Cybertruck.

- Rivian.

- The hummer thing.

F-150 Lightning is the only one that's both practical, and at a practical price point.

We know Tesla is more or less off doing drugs on the truck side of things, Rivian is a rich man's misplaced flex (though it has lots of cool design features that I hope others look to copy), the hummer thing is stupid, and Toyota rocks for the hybrids but IDK where they are at on the truck side.

I believe the F-150 is the first electric truck that we will start to see in common use by those in the trades - ie, trucks for actual truck things (which I don't do, which is why I don't personally have one -- but apparently I still have opinions :P ).

My hope is that Ford, now that they've got the price point and utility where it needs to be (I'm assuming they aren't being a loss-leader with the F-150, that assumption could be a false one), will open it up to electric vehicles across the gamut. There are shit tons of middle aged moms out there who would want to virtue signal with an electric minivan, for example.
Tue Jun 21 11:26:36

I outrace my cousin in my hybrid. EV's have better torque and handling characteristics than any ICE car as long as they are not purposefully gimped.

Toyota gimped their Prius line so everyone thinks Priuses are lame and slow boxes.

In actuality, take away the hidden algorithm that makes a Prius go from 0 to 60 in 14 seconds in order to add 2 MPG, and you get a fuel-efficient car that goes from 0 to 60 incredibly fast. The Rav4 Hybrid has the 2nd best 0-60 time of any Toyota, beaten only by the supra which has to get like 10 MPG of fuel injection to beat it.

My main property is Redneckistan Texas. Dumbass rednecks always have their jaws drop when my EV regularly passes their brand new Trucks and SUV's.

I almost got the Lexus that is based on the Rav4. But then I saw that the 2021 Lexus in question had the previous generation's drive train (the 2012-era Rav4 factories make the current generation Lexus, so literally a decade old at this point), so paying the luxury price for an obsolete engine with worse mileage, and the sexy Lexus lines mean like 20% less cargo space in the back. Pass. I have no complaints about my Rav4 hybrid dad car a year in, it felt cramped when going camping not long ago, but I think that's b/c wife is determined to bring the entire kitchen with us, rather than just what we actually need.

...aaaaaand then everyone in California copied me, I've literally been at intersections where like 4 out of the 6 cars were current generation Rav4s, mostly hybrids.
Anarchist Prime
Tue Jun 21 11:41:25
"..it felt cramped when going camping not long ago, but I think that's b/c wife is determined to bring the entire kitchen with us, rather than just what we actually need."

true dat
Tue Jun 21 11:49:05
I’m a redneck of this era :) but the RS4 would be my car of choice. But if they don’t fuck up the Cybertruck and the price, it’s a really nice deal.
Tue Jun 21 12:02:07
Ford has long been the king of pickups.

If you work construction/landscaping or something similar, there really isn't a choice. Rangers for smaller more numble jobs, Fx50's for larger.

There is no competition in professional grade. Some trades can use Mitsubishi/Mercedes "work vehicles" but its more niche.
Tue Jun 21 12:13:45
The lexus cars are due for a re-design I think. They update them every 4-5 years I think. May have been delayed though because of the pandemic. So maybe they will get a new engine and design soon. I hate their little idiotic touchpad thing is so unintuitive. Sometimes you have to use it instead of the touchscreen and it's so fucking idiotic.

I think the old Rav4 Hybrid engine got like 36MPG for the Rav4 so it probably gets around 44MPG on a lexus. The new ones get closer to 40 and also perform better. On a sedan you should get nearer to 50 MPG.

Toyota rides its brand name a lot and is slow to add extras now though. Like the Rav4 does feel kind of cramped but they get away with it because CR-V and other competitors are so far behind on certain tech like engine design. I find I get better features (cargo space, ride feel, audio quality) from Honda with the same kind of reliability for most of their models at the same price. It's just their engine isn't quite as efficient.

But there are some new models I'm in love with like the ID.4 though. Fully electric, but I've wanted a decent-sized electric SUV. Sold out this year though. Was thinking of maybe getting a maverick since I don't do much hauling but if the F150 electric is any good, that changes thing a lot.

Love to see the competition though. Tired of Tesla dominating things in the electric space and Toyota's hybrid engine being significantly better that they cut on the amenities.
Tue Jun 21 12:30:56
I think the old Rav4 Hybrid engine got like 36MPG for the Rav4 so it probably gets around 44MPG on a lexus.

Huh? Why would the new Lexus based on the older Toyota engine get significantly better gas mileage than said older Toyota?

When I was doing my compare/contrast, I remember a pair of browser tabs with the official stats, horsepower, MPG, bla bla bla, and a 2017 Rav4 Hybrid was exactly identical to the 2021 Lexus (NX? Whatever it was, the Lexus-ified Rav4) in terms of horsepower, and like 1 or 2 off in terms of MPG.
Tue Jun 21 12:43:51
I may have misremembered. One blurb that suprised me is that the amount of materials used to make a Camry is almost the same as a Rav4. So if the overall weight is the same, MPG should be pretty close.

For most other brands, I think their SUV's are significantly bigger and heavier than their sedan's. The Sedans get 5-10 MPG more than the SUV models with the same hybrid engine IIRC.

But anyways, definitely get the newer engine in the newest Rav4 Hybrids. It is more efficient and has better performacne characteristics. Ford actually licenses it for their Rav4 clone, the escape if you want a cheaper way to access the engine. It's the best hybrid engine out there right now.

I'd hesitate in buying the Lexus too because it's due for a redesign next year: https://www.edmunds.com/car-news/lexus-unveils-new-2023-rx-suv.html#:~:text=Lexus%20is%20debuting%20a%20redesigned,new%20powertrains%20and%20other%20upgrades.

Hoping they redesign the Hybrid Drive even more and get better performance out of it.

Tue Jun 21 12:49:26
Tue Jun 21 16:23:10
Oh, I was doing apples to shiny apples.

Rav4 compact SUV v Lexus compact SUV (NX?), from same de facto manufacturer.
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