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Utopia Talk / Politics / Jan 6 daughter-gate #3
Wed Jun 22 23:07:04
Some may deny. Many just don't care.

This is the umpteenth time weve heard how something Trump did/was related to was the end of the country/democracy/the world.

Its like watching late night TV and beleiving its a limited time offer, never again will it be available, only a few left.

Most people just don't care.
Thu Jun 23 00:33:20
I don't think the Hollywood script doctor the Dems hired worked.

the wanderer
Thu Jun 23 12:19:43
federal investigators raided Jeffrey Clark's home yesterday... (the stooge Trump was plotting to put in as AG who drafted a letter of bullshit to be sent to States to promote swapping electors)

they also searched some homes of fake elector people
Thu Jun 23 14:25:06
Of course they did.
Jesse Malcolm Barack
Thu Jun 23 14:54:28
Habebes only really mad cause Trump failed, the dude would be happy to see america become a dictatorship as long as Trump is running it
Thu Jun 23 15:16:19
Trump failed, agreed. Who succeeded?
the wanderer
Thu Jun 23 15:20:49
- Hearing 5 - (DOJ)

the witnesses from DOJ, detailing how Trump met with them near daily with new allegations and demands of them including ‘just say it was corrupt and me and Rs will handle rest’... them denying the demands and shooting down every allegation, including some good details on some of the claims

also how Jeff Clark, from unrelated dept met with Trump against policy and worked himself into Trumps favor, and drafted the bullshit letter of DOJ suspecting fraud and recommending States take action which the non-criminals refused to sign... one reason Trump wanted to make unqualified Clark acting AG

raided criminal Clark taking the 5th, like criminal Eastman

not sure what else coming after the break

instead of the Fox/fraudosphere claiming this is all just a Dem campaign ad, they should be saying ‘look at all the good Rs refusing to do what the corrupt piece of shit was telling them to do’
the wanderer
Thu Jun 23 15:50:15
Hearing 5 part 2 - (DOJ insanity)

so we hear how Trump wanted to make Sidney Powell special counsel (a Mueller) to investigate voter fraud (Powell being the one with claims so ridiculous, Giuliani kicked her off his clown team)

Trumps ask of DOJ and DOD about seizing voting machines

Team Trumps extensive interest and pressure on DOJ to investigate Italian satellites hacking voting machines...

insanity continuing...
the wanderer
Thu Jun 23 16:25:34
testimony:“mr Gaetz had been pushing for a pardon since early December, I’m not sure why”

the wanderer
Thu Jun 23 16:33:26
ok, continuing my summary

the DOJ witnesses talked of the call with all leadership heads about resigning if Clark installed as AG

apparently decision already assumed at White House on Jan 3rd as call log listed him as acting AG Jeff Clark, however there was a meeting that day with Trump. All opposing Clark and noting how all leadership would resign plus likely lead to chain reaction of hundreds more, and one guy noting that no one would believe Clark’s bullshit letter and the story would just be the AG shopping by Trump and the mass resignations, Cippolone saying that argument seemed to convince Trump and abandoned plan. (so that’s how close that came)

Then good stuff on pardons... multiple people testifying how Matt Gaetz (underage hooker guy) had been pushing for a full-lifespan blanket pardon, plus Mo Brooks suggesting pardons for everyone backing Trump and objecting to results.
the wanderer
Thu Jun 23 16:38:36
oh, and they showed how Trump on Jan 6th repeated more of the bullshit claims for which the DOJ witnesses had carefully detailed to him why those claims were clearly false

NO interest in facts
the wanderer
Thu Jun 23 16:45:44
I can’t wait for Trump and his defenders to put out “the other side”

oh wait, they never do, just complain “the other side” not being shown... weird
Thu Jun 23 16:49:30

Republicans: We don't care if Donald Trump, his associates, and other Republicans tried to overthrow the government and make Trump Il Douchebag. That's is soooo yesterday. We need to move on.

the wanderer
Thu Jun 23 17:43:00
worse than that, they're willing to support him for office again

the guy willing to fully to corrupt DOJ to do his bidding, & also the guy who is willing to turn on his allies on a dime if they ever disagree... the guy who is completely unpredictable as he's a mentally-ill moron... what could go wrong

Lindsey Graham even celebrated Trump's vengeful & unpredictable leadership causing all to fear him including himself
a lunatic madman... now a positive quality
the wanderer
Thu Jun 23 17:55:34
one example of the bullshit detailed today was Trump was claiming to the DOJ witnesses that 205,000 more ballots were certified in PA than actually cast

a mentally fit adult would assume that probably didn't happen... but still it was investigated, the determination was the bad figure came from a website that was missing the final results from 4 counties... a pretty easy to understand explanation

yet from his Jan 6th rally speech days later:

There were over 205,000 more ballots counted in Pennsylvania. Think of this, you had 205,000 more ballots than you had voters. That means you had two. Where did they come from? You know where they came from? Somebody's imagination, whatever they needed.

So in Pennsylvania, you had 205,000 more votes than you had voters. And the number is actually much greater than that now. That was as of a week ago. And this is a mathematical impossibility unless you want to say it's a total fraud.

so keeping the fully disproven claim & just tossing in how "it's much greater now" somehow... (makes no sense it could grow given how claim originated)

the fuckhead is immune to facts he doesn't want to hear & just makes shit up ALL THE TIME

for fools who believe this piece of shit would accept results of investigations... no he wouldn't, proven repeatedly these hearings (though also was obvious all along)
Thu Jun 23 20:00:49
Murder, Pretty much. Even the Colbertsurection Is last week.

Im more concerned that Orange Juice costs $75.
the wanderer
Thu Jun 23 20:47:30
Clark is taking the 5th legally, but willing to go on Tucker
Tucker feels bad Clark got caught up in this... (Clark’s own effort to corrupt the DOJ & overthrow democracy)
Fri Jun 24 03:44:38

Liz Cheney is a Democrat. She knows only Democrats will vote for her, so she is sending info on how to Wyoming Dems can switch parties to vote in her primary election.
the wanderer
Mon Jun 27 12:36:07
"I have always been strongly pro-life. Today’s ruling by the Supreme Court returns power to the states and the people of the states to address the issue of abortion under state law."
~ Liz Cheney... as she actually sticks to her beliefs

...absolutely no evidence she's out for revenge (including no reason to be out for revenge) nor is she a secret democrat
the wanderer
Mon Jun 27 12:37:00
"The Select Committee will convene a hearing tomorrow, June 28 at 1:00pm to present recently obtained evidence and receive witness testimony."

a special additional hearing tomorrow (prior hearings not over yet)
the wanderer
Mon Jun 27 16:41:05
criminal John Eastman's phone seized by FBI

Trump corrupts & churns out criminal after criminal... go to the source already
Mon Jun 27 16:47:44
Its moving the needle a little bit.

But part of me wishes for Trump to run again because he's the only person Biden can beat right now so why disqualify him as a felon?

Then again, Trump could possibly win in 2024 because Republicans will do everything to cheat knowing the Supreme Court will do nothign to stop him.

It's like the Senate being in play this year because Republicans ran so many Trumpers. If those Republicans win, we're fucked as those retards will spew nothing but nonsense for 6 years while also being in the majority.
Mon Jun 27 17:52:26

"If those Republicans win, we're fucked as those retards will spew nothing but nonsense for 6 years while also being in the majority."

Of course they are going to win. Why the fuck would anyone vote Democrat? All they do is make excuses and pretend to be powerless when it comes to advancing progressive policies or protecting the rights of individuals while they are in power.

In fact the only time that Democratic leadership is willing to flex their muscles is to beat down progressives who demand change.

Democrats are going to get crushed in spite of the MAGAliban.

the wanderer
Tue Jun 28 13:10:26
Hearing 6 (Cassidy Hutchinson - top aide to Meadows, Chief of Staff)

part 1 - she gave lots of details on Jan 6th rally, including how Trump was told about the weapons being found at security, and some not coming in because of it, but Trump only angry at the rally space not full and demanding they remove the metal detectors as the crowd not there to hurt him

somewhat of a West Wing episode

also a story of Trump angrily grabbing at steering wheel and attacking his secret service guy in the Beast when told he couldn’t go to the Capitol

also how she helped wipe ketchup off the wall after toddler Trump threw his lunch after Barr had publicly said no mass fraud found (in Dec) and how he had had similar smashy smashy episodes before

will be continuing after a break
the wanderer
Tue Jun 28 14:02:51
part 2

mostly about during riot... Trump not wanting to act, believing Pence deserved the hate (which was around time he put out tweet attacking Pence) and believing rioters not doing anything wrong.

even next day, Trump reluctant to say more, still believing only Pence had done something wrong, not rioters, but convinced by a group of people to say more with the 25th amendment talk going around (as everyone knew Trump responsible)

at end, Liz showing how various witnesses have received intimidation from the Trumpfia about staying loyal if they know what’s good for them basically

toddler mafia
the wanderer
Tue Jun 28 14:11:06
also had clips of criminal Gen Flynn taking the fifth to if he thought the violence wrong and also to if he believes in the peaceful transfer of power

Meadows not looking too good, Giuliani looking more crazed and suspicious

Cippolone and Ivanka on team lawful
the wanderer
Tue Jun 28 14:24:58
Trump probably has thrown multiple Happy Meals at the walls during these hearings
Tue Jun 28 15:12:38
"Tue Jun 28 14:11:06
also had clips of criminal Gen Flynn taking the fifth to if he thought the violence wrong and also to if he believes in the peaceful transfer of power"

I seen that. He gave the same amount of info the FBI did when answering questions.

Here is a basic gist of Flynn's testimony.


Its hillariously accurate.
the wanderer
Tue Jun 28 15:54:23
at this point, even if every rioter was an FBI agent it still offers zero defense of Trump's actions & behavior

he thought they were his people, he thought they were doing the right thing, thus he was only dragged into doing very minimal things

although the rest of his plot to overthrow election the more serious part that everyone on the Right working hard to ignore
(pressuring states to change electors with lies, pressuring DOJ to lie to back up the lies to add credibility, pressuring Pence to fuck w/ the votes, etc)
the wanderer
Wed Jun 29 18:24:17
the Committee has subpoenaed WH Counsel Pat Cipollone (guy they've been trying to encourage to testify)

if Cassidy Hutchinson or others lying, i assume Trump will order him to testify
Wed Jun 29 21:19:23

Patsy Baloney :o)

Cherub Cow
Wed Jun 29 22:38:20
[Habebe]: “Liz Cheney is a Democrat. She knows only Democrats will vote for her, so she is sending info on how to Wyoming Dems can switch parties to vote in her primary election.”

Absolutely. She’s a proven RINO, basically just sticking to her dad’s playbook because Ol’ Daddy-War-Monger knows which party pays best in any particular time period. The DNC is filled to the brim with blood-thirsty war-mongers just now, and she’s getting paid. Was she one of the 57 GOP members to vote, “Nay,” on H.R. 7691? Of course not. They must have paid her quite a bit or guaranteed her millions in war spoils.

But the DNC’s Liz Cheney propaganda has been hilarious and revealing. She is not a moral person. The DNC previously showed that she is the same person who would throw her own sister under the bus via Dick’s career-building strategy if it meant getting an elected position and signaling to corporations that she’s open for business. But now they’re reversing, pretending that she’s somehow “[doing the right thing across the aisle]” as though it’s proof that this is not a show trial. And the useful idiots are actually buying it!! Pretty impressive how the media can make these idiots trust a fucking *Cheney*, but they *did* talk a bunch of people into believing that Iraq needed to be invaded because.. like.. 9/11 or whatever.
Jesse Malcolm Barack
Wed Jun 29 22:46:43
You're literally talking about yourself and your fellow trumpers dude

you guys tried to steal an election then cry treason when she came out against your bullshizz
the wanderer
Wed Jun 29 23:10:54
"Was she one of the 57 GOP members to vote, “Nay,” on H.R. 7691? Of course not"

yeah, she was one of the 149 GOP members to vote "Yea"... so clearly a RINO...

she was #3 in R leadership til turning on the cult leader, yet was a secret RINO who fooled them all right up to that moment when they figured it out... even though multiple other R leaders also blamed Trump... but she didn't back off, cuz a RINO...

seek help
Cherub Cow
Wed Jun 29 23:14:25
That’s cute, random multi account! ;D

Remind me, how many Dems voted, “Nay,” for H.R.7691?
Oh, that’s right: it was zero.

And, let’s see, what’s the best way to destroy the republic from within… hmm… it would probably be this list of DNC policies:
• voter suppression via opposition purges
• Abolition of the Electoral College
• D.C./P.R. Statehood
• Pack the Supreme Court
• Abolish the Senate
• Abolish local police; replace with federal police
• federal "voting rights"
• end the filibuster
• prosecution of political enemies
• uni-party control of propaganda
• "democracy" via propagandized ochlocracy (mob rule)
• Control of media via BigTech and censorship
• Promote immoral Marxist values and anti-capitalism
• infiltrate all businesses with Party Marxists (ESG/DIE)
• Make globalist deals which reduce U.S. independence
• Disarmament of citizens

The DNC are the Bolsheviks. They are using this show trial to set a pretext for more of these items on their list. These are not even fringe positions — the DNC is open about these platforms. The only issues are that the useful idiots still have not figured out the policies of their own Party, and/or the useful idiots still don’t realize what happens once these dominoes fall.

At the *very* least the Bolshevik sycophants should give some serious thoughts to why a Party that currently engages in genocide and a Party that wants to reduce the world population still further would want a system which allows them to function with total and unopposed power. It would at least be nice for the sycophants to *know* that they’re supporting their own annihilation.
Cherub Cow
Wed Jun 29 23:23:08
“yeah, she was one of the 149 GOP members to vote "Yea"... so clearly a RINO...”

Correct. Your argumentum ad populum fallacy here evades comprehending that the people who voted, “Yea,” — of either party — showed their true colors. That *includes* the “Yea” GOP members.

“she was #3 in R leadership til turning on the cult leader, yet was a secret RINO who fooled them all right up to that moment when they figured it out... even though multiple other R leaders also blamed Trump... but she didn't back off, cuz a RINO... “

Lol :D
I guess Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell — the swampiest motherfuckers in the GOP — just happened to move against Trump too?
Have you maybe thought about why the most establishment swamp people are supporting the totalitarian goals? Cheney was third in line **to get a pay day**. The top GOP people *know* where the money is. Look at *who* is supporting the totalitarians. Then look at who is *not*. The people who are *not* supporting this Bolshevik takeover are the people that DNC media is telling you to hate.
Wed Jun 29 23:25:21
>That’s cute, random multi account! ;D

You would be more disturbed if you knew their (JMB) main moniker
the wanderer
Thu Jun 30 01:11:55
so the 149 are RINOs too? ok then

& it was not just Mitch & Lindsey, it was the bulk of them... they tried to squash impeachment just on Trump being out of office not as they were fine w/ his actions

this committee is doing that cult party a favor in spite of themselves... even with the party being now only Trump, or the idea of Trump, you are completely better off w/ DeSantis, same (alleged Trump) policies but with competence & not packed with mental illnesses

it is completely obvious Trump's behavior was totally fucked up start to finish (that behavior you won't defend or even acknowledge) & that's why none of the 57 'real' Republicans are finding it a-ok either (or let me know which are defending that list of things i keep noting that Trump -definitely- did... or please refute that he did them... i know you won't, as impossible to do)
Cherub Cow
Thu Jun 30 04:57:13
"it is completely obvious Trump's behavior was totally fucked up start to finish (that behavior you won't defend or even acknowledge) ... i know you won't, as impossible to do"

Every time I directly acknowledge a point, you pivot to six other points in Gish Gallop to evade the original point while claiming that the original point has been addressed — all while using *assertions* rather than direct links and directly sourced claims which can be evaluated with a full chain of evidence. Your closest evidentiary trail is, "[It's totes public record!]" but public record does not apply to *opinions*, and *hearsay* is not *fact*. Just like this entire show trial: this is not legally bound evidence-building. This is not how evidence is established in a court of law. There is no cross-examination here. There are no defense witnesses. This is how propaganda is created to fluff a narrative — the Bolshevik narrative. And they are doing it to justify their goal of totalitarianism.

Those of us who actually look at whether or not a source is a *direct*/*primary* source can see how completely flimsy this show trial has been. Funny how the same people who believed Jussie Smollett, Christine Blasey Ford, and Amber Heard are the same people who thought Kyle Rittenhouse killed three black people, was guilty of weapons charges, that he "intended" to go out and do harm, or that he is guilty of "murder". These are the same people who were surprised by the Zimmerman verdict, the same people who thought Zimmerman said "coons", or that Zimmerman attacked Martin while Martin screamed for help.

So strange that the people who could not see evidence in *actual* trials now believe that they're seeing "evidence" in a show trial. So strange that those same people were convinced of a thousand other false narratives..
• Steele Dossier,
• "fine people",
• "[Hunter's laptop was disinformation!]",
• "[CRT isn't taught in schools!]",
• "[Breonna Taylor was killed in bed!]",
• "[Ahmaud Arbery was just jogging!]",
• "[DeSantis made a bill called "Don't Say Gay!]"
• "[Covington kids harassed a Native American!]"
• "[Border agents used whips against migrants!]"
• "[Joe Rogan took horse dewormer!]"
• "[Pandemic of the un-vaccinated!]"
• "[Inflation is.. transitory!.. a high-class problem!.. a good thing!.. COVID's fault!.. the Putin price hike!]"

Or... not strange at all.

Maybe these people are just consistently bad at evaluating evidence, and this show trial knew its target audience.
the wanderer
Thu Jun 30 11:47:39
"but public record does not apply to *opinions*, and *hearsay* is not *fact*"


you seem remarkably ignorant about his actions to even broadly doubt what i've said

- was Trump putting out crazy baseless bullshit mass fraud claims? [very public]
- did he have multiple people investigate them & did those people detail how he was totally wrong? [Barr said it publicly, do you doubt he talked to Trump privately too? or Donaghue, or the US Attorneys who Trump told to investigate? why wouldn't they report back]
- did he keep repeating them? [very public]
- did he pressure Sec of State to find fraud/votes (while that Sec of State noted he DID investigate Trump's claims & he's wrong on them just as Trump ALREADY told, yet Trump ignored & even threatened guy)? [call on publicly available tape]
- did he pressure States to change electors based on proven false claims? [some public - tweets & Trump's meetings w/ some, plus some completely credible testimony - Rusty Bowers seem like lying? hard to believe Rudy/Trump came w/ 200k illegal aliens dead people voting? hard to believe they didn't provide evidence for that?]
- did he pressure DOJ to back his lies? [reporting, very credible testimony from 3 people at top of DOJ, completely consistent w/ rest of Trump behavior including flipping out at Barr]
- did he attempt to change AG to unqualified stooge to do what he asked when others wouldn't? [documents & texts & completely credible testimony]
- did his team arrange for fake electors to all send in their votes? [public record]
- did he pressure Pence to reject votes? [very public record]
- did those plans rely on using those fake electors? [Eastman strategies document is public]
- did he act slowly on stopping riots? [obvious observation of his actions, especially compared to prior riot situations + lots of texts evidence & testimony]

WHAT ARE YOU DOUBTING? what is relying on sketchy evidence?

it's all true... & Trump doesn't even deny those things (other than him unable to accept his ridiculously absurd claims that always had weak to no evidence aren't true)


or if fine with all those efforts, say so
Thu Jun 30 11:57:55
nun of dat hapened y dunt we talk about hileries emales or huntar bidenz laptop insted
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