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Thu Jun 23 17:28:24
To remain silent.

Well you do, but the police don't have to inform you of your rights.

One more tool in the belt of the police state.

Thu Jun 23 17:34:04
My skimming of the ruling was that if the officer fails to mirandize you, you don't get to then personally sue him for any damages that arise.

The rules etc for the admissibility of said statements that were made without having been mirandized, remain unchanged.

But the whole "cops can't be held personally liable for things they do while on duty" window just got opened up a bit more, so still not great.
Thu Jun 23 20:35:23
Yeah, I'm not fan of border Patrol a new found no warrant searches either.

Game wardens are even worse though, its flown under tge radar for years.

For profit prisons-Bad idea.

Debtors jails and Pseudo debtors jails, terrible idea.

Civil forfeiture horrendous and routinely abused.

Funding shouldn't be from arrests.

If someone is so dangerous we need them off the streets, I'm willing to pay taxes to do so.

If we need more cops, I'm willing to pay more taxes for that too.

Self funding has lead to abuses of powers.Texas is one of the worst states for that shit.
Thu Jun 23 20:58:16
EP is correct. I would only add that in this particular case, the suspected molestor in question was actually found not guilty in court case, so he didn't even suffer any criminal punishment as a result of giving an un-Mirandized statement.

But sure, its the end of the world for Fifth Amendment rights, as murder claims.
Thu Jun 23 21:36:33
How long did he go tobjaul awaiting trial? How long did he have tongo back and forth to court?

If it's as EP says , and I'll trust his judgement here. The cop cant be sued but the case still gets thrown out. Meh, not too bad I guess.
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