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Utopia Talk / Politics / native americans are chinese origin
Sun Jul 24 00:42:17
this means that chinese discovered da new world first.

biggest kept secret, as if nobody knew native american indians werent related to chinese.

even without this genetic evidence, everyone knew.

they look 100% asian.
there are chinese character markings dating back thousands of years before vikingz.

Sun Jul 24 01:16:48
Maybe the native Americans conquered China.
Sun Jul 24 01:28:38
We had this conversation two maybe three years ago when you tried this same bullshit.

These early people migrated through what is now China North and eventually crossed into what is now North America. The same group split with some heading to what is now Polynesia and eventually South America. Early fossils in China share DNA with early fossils found in North America but they were not Chinese nor even from the region that is now China. They predate the earliest people found in China by a few hundred years or more.

This is what we know now. Everything could change again if/when more remains are discovered.
Sun Jul 24 02:08:09

ur theories are outdated now fool.

real GENETICAL evidence has now been found.

they come from China, 14 thousand years ago.

Sam Adams
Sun Jul 24 05:53:59
"they come from China, 14 thousand years ago."

Korea actually. Korea>china.
Sun Jul 24 16:57:25
Yes real genetic evidence has been found. THe findings were published about a week ago maybe two. They indicate a group of nomads migrated through China and eventually split before crossing into the Americas to the North and South. It will take another discovery (probably in India or Middle East) to determine where the nomad group started.

There was another early group discovered in Idaho many years ago. Scientists noticed distinct differences in the remains found and those of the North American tribes.
The North American tribes petitioned the government to have the remains returned and the sight sealed. Even though everything pointed to the two being unrelated the Army Corp of Engineers was tasked with sealing the sight so that farther discovery could not take place.
There is tons still to discover.
Sun Jul 24 18:36:06
In other words, even in ancient times Chinese people left their country because America was so much better.

Some things never change!
Sun Jul 24 18:53:03
"even in ancient times Chinese people left their country because America was so much better."

And even then got their assets handed to them by whitey.
Sun Jul 24 23:37:15
China needs another dose of Nanking. They clearly have gotten the wrong impression of their place in this world.
Sun Jul 24 23:49:53
Well, After the assassination in Japan, abes party took a supermajority and has aspirations to immediatley change the constitution and start re arming the Japanese military.

Something I applaud. But it is easy, Germany and Japan both re arming, something I didnt think Id see in my life time.
Sat Aug 06 15:24:25

This might shed some light on the very earliest to eventually arrive in South America and then eventually north.
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