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Utopia Talk / Politics / Investment corner 5 (8/29/2022)
Fri Jul 29 07:13:53
Up from the 36 chambers.

My gut is feeling more optimistic, lots of good news fornthe mot to mini rally some more, but then reality will kick in, but when? Monday? 4pm?

Tune in and see.
Fri Jul 29 07:29:13
In real value TBLT is up more than yesterday, $1.39(24%), yesterday was +1.29 (27%)

And for 830 AM volume already over 2 million, price around $7.25, short interest is hovering 200% last I checked, this could squeeze, hopefully get atleast 2 runs.
Fri Jul 29 08:55:28
I have 2 squeeze plays running.

Govx up to $2.49 in in @$1.97

TBLT Back at it again, 7.50 ish last I checked, this was under $5 Tuesday. I'm in $6.4 something.

Both heavily favored shoet squeezes.

If I had dumped shitty ADXN at its bottom and put it in either of these even where Im at Id be ahead of my previous totals.

Mark this for my journal when I consider holding bags.
Fri Jul 29 09:02:58
By sheer dumb luck, the stock I regretted selling (AGRX), dropped alot, amd the one I regretted keeping (ENDP) is doing decent.

Not like the squeezes, but I wouldnt expect them to.

Govx makes the monkeypox vaccine and just got awarded go ahead to start next phase of trials against Ebola.
Fri Jul 29 10:09:23
We don’t need a seperate crypto thread, do we? Let us consolidate everything this thread. So, about that group, what do I need to do? The open one is closed.

I scalped some NEAR on the FOMC pump, +3%
Fri Jul 29 11:06:05
Sold TBLT @ $8.44, IDK about another .50 at this point, just trying to reach over $500 by EOD.

GOVX is almost back to $3+, monkey pox is hot hot hot.

Nimatzo, Can you request to follow the eyelovegains acct? If so I would do that and shoot over to the website to fill out the questinaire.

I'll msg her a request later, I cant say how fast it will be, she is in bed with Covid apparently, but its day 3, seems to be better. She is posting some regular stuff again, but less than usual.

I'll keep you updated qs Inhear things.
Fri Jul 29 11:17:54
Id keep an eye on TBLT if itnhas a BIG pullback, low $7 range and holding I might jump back in.

IDK if I want to hold anything ovwr the weekend, still spooked from last week, lol.

This rally IMHO is purely because of the Fed action and the multiple bills (CHIPS, inflation)

IDK if it will last. Id rather sit out 1 day of green than hold bags in a plunge. Buy the super bloody that are over sold.
Fri Jul 29 11:22:43
I read other ppl talk about GME being super leverage shorted, I have no clue.

Ortex seems to have the best shorting data that I have seen. But GME is a strange one, King of the pump and dumps, I feel like Hedgies know what they are doing, but it was over $100 not long ago.

XELA, Id keep an eye on again, they did a 20 1 reverse split and plummeted to like $1.40, that bad news is out of the way.

Nimatzo, how are you at chart reading?
Fri Jul 29 11:39:21
TBLT is on its slide backwards, around $8 again. Anyone interested just look out for the reversal.

I'm just got estimating with my numbers, if you read charts well and feel better with that, by all means.
Fri Jul 29 11:40:13
Level 2 orc wizard. I have done ok trading I’d say. I don’t do many these days.
Fri Jul 29 11:43:45
I will stick to crypto, I feel like I get it more and the volatility suits me. My tradifi is all DCA mutual funds. Atleast for now I feel comfortable with this.
Fri Jul 29 11:56:02
Fair enough. I feel like Crypto is the more stable of the markets at this point...kind of nuts.
Fri Jul 29 12:00:36
Small cap stocks are notoriously volatile due to the lack of liquidity. Many are worse than crypto.

The nice thing about crypto is you only have to learn how to read the Bitcoin chart, and then everything else falls in place. This is because crypto has coupled liquidity flows. Stocks do not. You can only buy stocks with fiat.
Fri Jul 29 19:32:54
What is a good place to start to learn to reas crypto charts?

ADXN suffers bad from a drop off on volume, like half a million $ all day moved it.

TBLT ans GOVX sucked up shitloads of volume today, luckily I was in all 3.But ADXN hurt me this week.

Nervous for Monday.Except for GOVX even in a bad market their niche I think will push them. Very small company though, 11 employees! They specialize in vaccines for Ebola, Cancer (therapeutics) and most importantly Monkeypox.
Sat Jul 30 00:28:03
NYC officially declared a monkey Pox emergency.

$GOVX has several Ive been in for a few days. Since $1.90 something.

It was up to $3.20 at one point, EOD $2.73, up to $3.04 AH trading.

They also received good news on an ebola virus.

Some other companies admittedly Im less familiar with, but I may look into this weekend.

BVNRY-Its a Danish OTC stock, so I'm not even sure how to trade it.

They supply governments with the Smallpox vaccine, which just so happens to also work for MP.

What's confusing and I have to check out is that they claim to be the only sourcenof a MP vaccine, I need clarification on what they mean.

SIGA & Blue water vaccinnes, I really don't know much about these but were listed as MP stocks in several articles.
Sat Jul 30 00:29:09
Some have called GOVX a short squeeze, but from my research onlt 4% of FF is shorted.
Sat Jul 30 00:43:00
IEX wins!

Latency arbitrage is recognized and found to be illegal.

Basically it's trading on split second but guaranteed insider price knowledge.

They know the price before it gets to retail investors, by fractions of a second.

Sat Jul 30 08:22:40
Every day man every day...it's a scam


Solana stablecoin Nirvana sinks 90% amid $3.5 million flash loan exploit

Quick Take

The flash loan attack exploited incorrect price feeds to drain $3.5 million from the project’s treasury.
Nirvana’s native token and stablecoin have crashed as a result of the exploit.

Nirvana Finance, a decentralized finance (DeFi) yield protocol on Solana, has suffered a flash loan exploit to the tune of about $3.5 million, according to PeckShield.

Nirvana's native token ANA and its stablecoin NIRV suffered massive price falls due to the attack. ANA slipped 89% from $8.97 to $0.93 while the stablecoin has lost 90% of its US dollar value in the process.

How did it happen?

On-chain data shows the attacker used a $10 million flash loan in USDC to mint $10 million worth of ANA tokens. Flash loans let you borrow large amounts of capital at low cost, as long as the loan is repaid in the same block. This flash loan was secured on the Solend Protocol.

The attacker then manipulated the protocol’s oracle feed thereby inflating the price of ANA coins so that their holdings exceeded $10 million. The attacker subsequently swapped what was actually $10 million in ANA tokens for $13.49 million in USDT.

This action drained $3.49 million from the Nirvana treasury. The exploited has since repaid the initial $10 million loan and has bridged the profit to this Ethereum wallet address via Wormhole and converted it to the DAI stablecoin.

Nirvana has not released an official statement about the exploit as of the time of publishing. The protocol did not immediately respond to The Block’s request for comments. Solend has released a statement that it is aware of the incident and is in touch with the Nirvana team while adding that its protocol was not affected by the exploit.

DeFi protocols across many networks are often a target for flash loan attacks. Beanstalk, an Ethereum stablecoin project, lost $182 million in April in the largest flash loan exploit recorded in the crypto space.
Sat Jul 30 09:00:51
Every day man every day... it's a scam


The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) and the Federal Reserve Board today issued a joint letter demanding that the crypto brokerage firm Voyager Digital cease and desist from making false and misleading statements regarding its FDIC deposit insurance status and take immediate action to correct any such prior statements.

According to the agencies, Voyager and certain officers and employees made various statements online, including on its website, mobile app, and social media accounts, stating or suggesting that:

Voyager itself is FDIC-insured;
Customers who invested with the Voyager cryptocurrency platform would receive FDIC insurance coverage for all funds provided to, and held by, Voyager, without reference to the insured depository institution account; and
The FDIC would insure customers against the failure of Voyager itself.

These representations are false and misleading. Based on the information gathered to date, it appears that these representations likely misled and were relied upon by customers who placed their funds with Voyager and do not have immediate access to their funds.

The Federal Deposit Insurance Act, however, prohibits any person from representing or implying that an uninsured deposit is insured or from knowingly misrepresenting the extent and manner in which a deposit liability, obligation, certificate, or share is insured under that Act. The FDIC is authorized to enforce this prohibition against any person.

Voyager maintains a deposit account for the benefit of its customers at Metropolitan Commercial Bank, which is supervised by the Board. Voyager is not itself insured by the FDIC, though, and so customers who invested through its cryptocurrency platform would not receive insurance coverage in the event of Voyager's failure.
Mon Aug 01 07:11:44
Fucking communists....

Anyway, GOVX +60% pre market.

Was in at 1.97 Friday? Maybe Thursday. Its now $4.50 from open.

Made up all lost from ADXN, should have cut it all out.

HKD changed lives, from $45 to $540 in days. I missed out, now Its just chasers, +1100% just off an IPO, its going to break some hearts soon.
Mon Aug 01 07:21:44
Man, like a bandaid, Onjustnsold ADXN at $150 loss...

Couldn't wait around today, already reclaimed all but $60 in other trades and if it turns around I have ammo, worst loss yet.

Dumped half of it in TBLT again.
Mon Aug 01 07:25:41
Which that itself goes against my gwneral* theory. But TBLT is still rocking that short squeeze somehow, interest is insane, good chance it will pop to $10-12
Mon Aug 01 07:28:05
Plus Friday TBLT launched a whole new line of shit im ACE hardware, but it's saving grace was AMAZON, like 60%+ of new sales.

They just luanched in Amazon Italy, for whatnits worth.
Mon Aug 01 07:50:28
Ok, sold my GOVX at a 108% gain.

I could be wrong here, but I switched it over to VRAX which was down to $7 from a high of $20 last week.-75% on friday, I like deep red like that for a buy, they also have monkey pox vaccinnes.

So my main 2 are TBLT and VRAX

Little bit in PIK and still ENDP, meh we will see what happens.
Mon Aug 01 11:10:54
In VRAX @ $7.44, sold @ $11.86

It was good, but I got too greedy @ the $13.50 range.

I've surpassed my total account size by like $30, but, it somehow feels less exciting.Meh, if all works out, should touch over $600 in RH, probably keeping a chunk as cash.

The rugs getting pulled any time now.

Im thinking of starting to add outside cash to my accounts, nothing huge mabey $200 a week, but mabey keeping more as cash for a buffer.

The WB account, Im swinging MGAM from $15.49, cant sell for atleast 2 days, hoping to see $50-100, only bought 5, its an IPO so, sort of a lotterry ticket, but the float is low, Im just concerned its similarities to HKD (+1100%!) Are not clouding my judgement.
Mon Aug 01 12:09:47
It starts to become a grind after you notch a few under your belt. You've done good though, to eek out a profit in this conditions. Regular influxes of capital is great for compounding your returns and keeping a buffer to deploy.
Tue Aug 02 00:04:55
Yeah, I used to have like mental goals "If I just get here" and it just seemed lessmof a challenge.

I guess my next big set up would be flip to $1k.

Yo Ive GOT to talk about HKD. Last week $45. Today $520, and I wouldn't touch it with 50 ft pole, because 1100%, what goes up must come down.

This motherfucker here flatlined/creeped and all of a sudden boom, now sits at $810, TBH id be terrified to touch it now, even though part of me says it isnt done, I know tnat at this point the insame gains 10x,20x are gone.

Oddly enough the last few days jabe been the strongest markets in months it seems, very selective but even today loads of 100%+ runners just on my lists.

Ditching govx at 4.08 was a Good idea. It hovers from 3.8-4.15 all day.

Vrax I may have sold a little early, still got almost $12 from 7.88.

So now I'm only really in

1.TBLT, creeped up, no spike today, ended up +1.5 again, that's fine.(In $6.48)

2. MGAM, I'm actually a bit down on this one, hoping the float will draw in HKD buyers whenever it stops. ($15.49 in)

3.pik-Still in this, long steady swing , back to school stuff.

And I left a bigger cash buffer than usual.

I really need a win in my webull acct. Or Im gonna have to transfer money over. All my wins Ive been tracking im webull , but funding in RH.

And it's not just a coincidence, RH lets me day trade dabble. Well Ive only dayttaded like once a week, but

If I suspect I'll have to jump out of a stock earlier than 2 days, I'm hesitant to buy in on WB.

And lately its all been runners of 70%+ that often drop heavy and than flat line until they run again.

Maybe I need to adjust some strat. Or maybe MGAM becomes the next HKD and I'm sitting on a golden ticket.
Tue Aug 02 00:06:50
$7.44*, Its been a hectic day...

Gonna try to make these less rambley.
Tue Aug 02 08:03:05
I sold my TBLT at a slight profit. Not huge.

Bought more shares of AMTD, I got my mom in @5.60, I bought in @$7.44 and just bought more at $11.

This shit is fire!
Tue Aug 02 08:06:50
Its dipping a little bit, still ahead, but @9:30 when the more really open it will be nuts. HKD is still rising.

I want to be careful not to overstay though.

Volume is like a black hole sucking in volume from everywhere else.

Ridenthe bubble, but be out before it bursts.

And set up stop loss, just in case.
Tue Aug 02 08:15:40
I could be making a huge* mistake.

Or a game changing buy.
Tue Aug 02 09:08:44
Damn, I picked a good time to jump ship from TBLT, still watching though.

AMTD is super volatile.

Normal volume dailynis 1.88 million. It's ovwr 50 million now!

Monkey pox stocks are dropping, glad I didn't hold.

Pik is up a little 5% ish.

MGAM plummeted, but I only jad a few anyway (5)
Tue Aug 02 09:09:52
79 mill vol
Tue Aug 02 09:54:58
Man I fucked up, sold 5 instead of bought 5.

Oh well, I got back in .20 lower anyway. Its ticking up again, I did get a 2nd PDT warning that resets on the 8th.

If I make bank off this I'll probably chill for a few days anyway until things pick up.
Tue Aug 02 09:54:59
Man I fucked up, sold 5 instead of bought 5.

Oh well, I got back in .20 lower anyway. Its ticking up again, I did get a 2nd PDT warning that resets on the 8th.

If I make bank off this I'll probably chill for a few days anyway until things pick up.
Tue Aug 02 11:55:55
HKD halted at 2147!!!!

Last week it was selling for 12, debuted for $45.

WTAF! This can't be sustainable.
Tue Aug 02 13:26:56

Yowza. Someone got rich.
Tue Aug 02 13:27:19
I'm so edgy that I'm dollar cost averaging some play money away from gov't bonds purchased a few months ago to a total stock market index fund (VTI).

1/10th per month, and I recognize that I'm a noob for not starting a few months ago.

My kids have their $10k/per of I bonds.

A very large chunk of my play money is concentrated in a particular dividend paying mortgage company. So there's my risk exposure. As of now, UWMC is still trading at 10% only-counting-the-dividend-ROI (meaning if the divvy keeps paying but the stock value doesn't change 1%, 10% cash on cash ROI would be the result). For the last month or so, UWMC has been trending up as consumer facing mortgage rates have trended down (those consumer facing rates are being driven by mortgage bonds that, in turn, I think, are trading on anticipated/future inflation/fedrate action).
Tue Aug 02 13:47:53


The underwriters that stand to benefit from AMTD Digital's wild post-IPO surge are AMTD Global Markets Limited, Livermore Holdings Limited, Eddid Securities and Futures Ltd., and Eddid Securities USA Inc., according to a July statement from the company.


"To our knowledge, there are no material circumstances, events nor other matters relating to our Company's business and operating activities since the IPO date," AMTD Digital said in its statement Monday.
Tue Aug 02 15:21:36
AMTD just did something Ive never seen.

They retroactively changed the price.

EOD always freezes and then you have AH till 8. EOD was $6.96, it switched it to 7 flat?

Hopefully it replays yesterday. It ended at 2.08 EOD then jumped AH to like $6.
Wed Aug 03 05:44:38
Every day man every day!


1/ Nomad just got drained for over $150M in one of the most chaotic hacks that Web3 has ever seen. How exactly did this happen, and what was the root cause? Allow me to take you behind the scenes

12/ tl;dr a routine upgrade marked the zero hash as a valid root, which had the effect of allowing messages to be spoofed on Nomad. Attackers abused this to copy/paste transactions and quickly drained the bridge in a frenzied free-for-all
Wed Aug 10 12:10:15
I havn't been posting as much because Ive been bag holding AMTD and waiting for a reversal.

Never hold volatile stocks overnight on RH, especially ones that move in the PM alot.

I am eyeing Redbox, near historic lows and it's a stock that almost monthly reaches avout $6.

It's about $1.9 now after talks of a chicken soup merger.

The problem is its a meme stock. News usually doesnt play a big role it just gets pump and dumped periodically.
Thu Aug 11 14:15:16
Well I said it would either set me up or wipe me out.

Atleast its exciting again.

I sold off AMTD at a loss of like $400 all together and I learned the value of a stop loss.

Dumped into TGL at 12.12, over $19, looks like it will run after hours.

Here comes the crawl back up.
Fri Aug 12 06:04:48
LUCY , definitely keeping an eye on her, new IPO with a totalnfloat of 800k some, $15/share.

These IPOs with low floats have been pumping and dumping something massive simce HKD DID it.

That said TGL also has eerily similar trend lines.
Fri Aug 12 14:26:51
You are you own worst enemy. If your learning curve is anything like mine, you will spend the first 6-8 months getting to know your own psychology and inclinations for degeneracy and learn to beat them into submission. Difficult to imagine a path to consistently profitable trades without being significantly in the red fairly early. Taking a step or two back and then getting back in again.

All fails are par for the course, just don't be a degen and you will be fine :)

Words that stand to be repeated between us newbie traders over and over.
Fri Aug 12 15:25:49
Yep, 99% of trading is tuning your system to your own psychological. That's why we can provide tips and guidance, but really you have to come up with what works best for you.

Trading is like therapy for our greedy tendencies. :)
Fri Aug 12 18:05:32
Tempted to accelerate my dripping into VTI. Only hesitation is caused by the phenomenon of the "false uptick."
Fri Aug 12 18:08:52
There was one mortgage stock ticker, UWMC, that I mentioned I believed would do well, relative to the overall mortgage implosion presently underway.

Amid a sea of bad news (as expected), take a look at the one item of good news (hint: it's UWMC): http://imgur.com/a/6rjPZZX
Fri Aug 12 18:54:17
Nim/Nhill, Yeah , I mean Im glad that out of pocket I'm only down like $80, the rest was earnings. I definitely feel more confident jn general and Absolutley its key to fund your faults and tame the beast

I know I have a hard time respecting a stop loss and I keep thinking "it will turn around, it has to be at the bottom"

But I think there are different beasts, IPO pump and dumps are not your standard stock that fluctuates within a standard frame, they can and will bleed out to nothing.


1. Respect a stop loss.

2. Resist the urge to immediately make back what I lost and recklessly* jump in, often disregarding my general rules & philosophy.

3.Accept smaller gains, Ive gone back to my rule of thumb that if Im up 30% ish in a stock and it shows any signs of slowing/dropping sell it all immeditley, 30% is a good gain. Depending on the stock 5-15% is a solid gain IMHO.
Fri Aug 12 18:59:47
Also that group, she is good, but I think I have to realize her faults as well.

It seems there is IPO fever, and with good cause, HKD lit a fire in ppl and IPOs do have some advantages , they are often not shorted and companies seem to intentionally be dropping super low floats to increase buying pressure.

But for example Im glad I didnt touch MEGLE. It also depends on the patterns of the IPO. When you got in etc. 300% in a few days seems sort of common currently.

Which is a change from thenlast few months where IPOs were avoided like the plague, no matter what often dropping 50% on the first day and flat lining.

Its all about trends.
Sun Aug 14 18:18:28
To update you 2 onnthe group.

She has had covid for like 2 weeks, seems about over it so alot was on hold.

The filter swing group I was in she clipped all but 93 out of 275 people.

She is now going back to the primary account and Im not really sure, but there will only genome account again, I'm guessing to add volume on setting up swings.

If you can get 600 active people to coordinate purchases of penny stocks you can build patterns being the idea.

I'll let you know morenif she starts bringing in more people again, I know shensaid when shengot covid she stopped reviewing account requests.But she seems better again.
Sun Aug 14 18:18:29
To update you 2 onnthe group.

She has had covid for like 2 weeks, seems about over it so alot was on hold.

The filter swing group I was in she clipped all but 93 out of 275 people.

She is now going back to the primary account and Im not really sure, but there will only genome account again, I'm guessing to add volume on setting up swings.

If you can get 600 active people to coordinate purchases of penny stocks you can build patterns being the idea.

I'll let you know morenif she starts bringing in more people again, I know shensaid when shengot covid she stopped reviewing account requests.But she seems better again.
Sun Aug 14 18:19:43
10k followers, but she said only about 600 daily engaged coordinated traders, most the others sort of pop in and out I guess.
Sun Aug 14 18:22:17
Thanks for the update. Good luck this week!
Sun Aug 14 18:27:02
I hope so, I really am struggling to understand why QNRX is still floating around $5.

It hasn't had huge volume, but more than usual, about double.

Small float, way over shorted and interest is 400%
Sun Aug 14 18:51:31
Looks like it got squeezed to $20 about 11 days ago. Are you expecting another squeeze?
Sun Aug 14 19:14:01
I am actually, that's a pretty small jump for a.squeeze, and the conditions seem even more primed for it now.

Maybe it just needs more volume, but it's been creeping up very slowly for a few days.
Sun Aug 14 19:17:05
Ive been using fintel for the data.

I'll detail whatbIve got shortly, gonna go eat something.
Tue Aug 16 21:48:36
Back to making gains, smaller nut in the right direction, which is still better than fast in the wrong direction.

Been selling after 5%-10% gains at times, TMBR was a 50% gain.

A few "lottery plays" I did buy into LUCY, IPO with a low float right now is hot, many going up to the several hundred dollars from under $20. I bought 2 tickets, $11, if they spike, I'm out, odds are if it doesn't spike In in at 5.3, I'll be able to not lose money and if I do, it's a couple of bucks.

ENDP is dirt cheap RN after bankruptcy talks, BUT rumor is they are looking for a buy out, further they have after closing bell. "Entered into a restructuring agreement with secured debt holders to improve their financial situation."

Which to me sounds like they are washing their car for sale.

Still in QNRX, I know I nevee came back the other day with the data, I jave to check up more current data now, but it has been inching up building and holding small bit steady gains, so a good trend.

Short interest was pretty high and it IMHO seemed over shorted IIRC like 70% of the float, which means it doesn't take a huge amoint of volume to spike buying pressure.
Wed Aug 17 05:19:43
ENDP officially filed for bankruptcy, its up from .34 to .47 last I checked.

QNRX is growing legs, up 8% in the AM.

NEPT is also up 6%.

Nothing else of note.
Wed Aug 17 06:02:59
QNRX is up 20%, this could be the squeeze I was waiting on, or the beginings of it, it held over $5 since yesterday.

ENDP is still looking good, but keep in mind its a $1 stock on a good day.soInwouldnt exoect a buy out to be like Revlon or something.

Wed Aug 17 12:50:06
Every day man, every day


Canadian pension giant writes off $150mn Celsius investment

CDPQ concedes it went into crypto ‘too soon’

Canada’s second largest pension fund manager has written off its $150mn investment in crypto lending platform Celsius Network and conceded it went into crypto “too soon”.

Charles Emond, chief executive of Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec (CDPQ), said its investment in Celsius last October marked the end of its foray into the digital asset industry.

Celsius became one of the biggest names to be caught by the sharp collapse in the price of digital assets in the spring. In June it froze customer withdrawals and weeks later filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in New York, a move that revealed a $1.2bn hole in the company’s balance sheet.

CDPQ, the $304bn investment firm that manages pension plans and insurance programmes in Quebec, said on Wednesday the stake in Celsius was written off “out of prudence”.

“For us it’s clear when we look at all of this, even if the last chapter has not been written, that we went in too soon into a sector that was in transition, with a business that had to manage extremely quick growth,” Emond said.

The group’s comments on Wednesday mark a sharp contrast to October, when it said its Celsius investment was a sign of its “conviction” in blockchain technology.

Responding publicly for the first time since Celsius’s slide into bankruptcy, Emond said: “Whether it is Celsius or any other investment, needless to say that when we write it off, we are disappointed with the outcome and not happy”.

Emond said he was aware there were challenges regarding crypto investments, but that “perhaps we underestimated the challenges”.

He felt “a lot of empathy” for Celsius investors, and said the fund manager was “reserving our comments and exploring our legal options” related to the situation.

Asked if he regretted the Celsius investment, Emond, said: “As an investor it is a constant and never-ending learning process. You learn and make sure you don’t repeat the mistake.” He added the company never takes “any dollar loss lightly”.

Emond declined to go into detail on the internal repercussions of the investment. However, he added that “the teams will be accountable, as they always are”.

He also confirmed that CDPQ is not interested in further investments into crypto
Thu Aug 18 13:42:56
So I would also reccomend crisp trades and squeeze magnet.

Crisp trades especially seems to do vert well, more of a scalper trader, and it isnt coordinated group trading as much as just free alerts and a blog.

I sold NEPT today $1 below its afternoon peak that I missed, oh well I was still up 52%, sold put and bought some really cheap QNRX at $4.93

I also bought one more LUCY ticket for $5.16

These IPOs have been floundering for a week or so before they rocket, its a hit or miss, but it seems to jave decent support above $5, so of it does nothing, I'm probably just losing oppurtunity cost.

Still watching TGL for a similar gamble, but that has alot of buzz.
Thu Aug 18 13:45:18
Oh and PIK, this is a long term swing, but it's generally less volatile.

Aroind $2 now, they sell kid stuff, should do well with back to school, just had expected low earnings over the summer, meh, they jave decent fundamentals and products, alot of ppl claiming this could be over $10 its just a slower climb than most.
Thu Aug 18 13:47:57
I've never heard of any of these tickers :)

Must all be small cap stocks? Do you think that will be your specialty?
Thu Aug 18 16:19:01
Nhill, For now I definitely have a preference towards $2-$5 stocks.

Now also, Ive been listing alotnof new IPOs, since we have been in IPO fever lately (more later) so they are less than a month old (LUCY,TGL) LUCY just dropped Inthink Tuesday.

PiK is fairly new, but I thinknitss been around since 2015-2016.

$2-$5 stable prices dont have the risk of being delisted as much as some of the true penny stocks, and IMO still have the ability to run 50%-100%+ pretty well.

If I had more $ I might switch to more stable growth stocks like big Tech, Anna who heads the eye love gains group says the focus will shift when we are in a clear Bull market to easier gains where you dont have to keep an eye as much on things.

QNRX is a short squeeze, and me & the group as well have been going after those. There is a whole network of ppl aiming at these ever since game stonk, however I feel like 90% of the "apes" just go towards pump dumps and hope to benout before the rug pull.

I've learned ALOT about what to look for in squeezes, still plenty to learn though.

1. Look for high short interest.Better chance that shorts who got greedy will cut losses if it starts forming even smaller higher lows.

2. Low float, so that its easier to add buy pressure.

3. Support levels and trends.

4. Catylysts-Which can be ALOT of things.

And, most importantly because this goes with any stock IMHO is to try and anticipate how others will act.

IE _(FOMO)Fear of missing out-This is huge, when people see a low priced stock stock with high short interest and strong resistance levels start to go up rapidly, that FOMO leads people to start buying in more and more, sometimes at their greedy peril.

That was me with AMTD, I seen HKD jump to $2,500 from $12, and that FOMO led me to break my rules of thumb and buy in at $11.

Ive also learned to make plans.

1.If it catches my eye, I first look for

-One yr price ranges
-Standard volume VS recent
-Float size
-Short interest/total shorts
(I still struggle to figure out at what levels they short at)
-Support levels/trends.
-News and sentiment

If thats still interesting, then I'll scour the company.for more info, often signing up for investor emails and such too.

Thu Aug 18 16:31:27
Im really happy about what Ive learned.

I can read charts like a novice. Which doesnt sound great, but O can get the gist of a support level and a trend and know how candles work.

Same with short interest and such, I'm still at a novice level, but I know what to look for now and what is and isn't good.

And Ibe gotten pretty good and determining how others will act in mamt scenarios.Was this sold because of fear? Was it bought because of FOMO? what days/times are certain actions more likely etc.
Thu Aug 18 16:40:43
Or little things that seem so obvious now like how much money really caused that price change?

If it's hovering around $5 and jumped up but you see 10k volume, Im thinking ok so $50k is all that moved it, while ots not uncommon to see $20 million in a standard day of trading, I know to take that price movement with a grain of salt.
Thu Aug 18 18:30:53

For reference This is a screenshot(s) of my primary watchlist.

It started out as my WL for all the stocks I currently owned/kept an eye on and just grew to ones that I either own on any platform, plus ones I've owned before or just keeo an eye on.

Alot of stocks I will re enter time and time again, its easier to know what a good value on a stock is if you've watched its patterns alot already.

"Analysts" prices IMHO are mostly garbage for predicting what a stocks.real value *in this current market*

For example from personal experience.

$MF is a bargain uner .25/share normally. Currently they have had trouble paying employees so I wouldn't touch it above .15, really .10 is the range where you could likely walk it up to the .17-.2 range. But it could become 0 at any time with limited chance of being bought out because its a Chinese stock.

Analysts price it at $4-$15. clearly that is not in this market.

TBLT analysts price at like $250!!!

I bought in at the cheapest for me around $3.7, Ive seen it up to maybe $12.

Personally Id value recently at $6.

Anything $5 or less is a bargain and when it does run, often squeezing some shorts I would sell at the $9 range because it peaks alot around 9.5-9.8

Or if it does go higher its often so quick you wont be able sell at those prices before it drops.

Long term? maybe in a year or two TBLT will be like $250, and if so something like $5-7 will look like insane long term growth, even $15.

It is a solid company, its based in Mexico and makes construction related products, youve probably seen some, think like a Mexican version of Caterpillar.

They've done really well with small products online, expanding that recently, also in Europe.But they also make large machinery.

When riding up the stock price be weary as the company has a tendency to rollout offerings, the dreaded O word when that happens, theyve done it like 4 times in the last year t raise cash for expansion.

The fact that I know the company well, gives me an edge on timing trades and not getting burnt.

Honestly I had a similar theory on women, I dubbed the well theory.

If I dipped into one well to often, it would run dry.

If I always had to drill a new well, well thats alot of work and I take the risk of never getting any.

If instead I re visited well Id already tapped and just modestly and rotate those well dips, my thirst was generally well quenched with little risk or all that work of drilling a new one.

So Id keep in touch with 3-7 women that I remained on good terms with, some ex girlfriends, some just female friends that we would sleep together off and on.
Fri Aug 19 12:41:35
Its all bad today.
Fri Aug 19 12:53:50
No seriously, my picks surprisingly ok, most are down, but only a few %.

The embracer group a Swedish holding company, with impeccable taste for quality IP strikes again. Im not sure if you can buy in, it was un investable for a while on several platforms.

They have very similar tastes to my own, if they can use them right, time will tell.

They just bought Lord ofnthe Rings & the Hobbit IP.

Before that they bought the rights to the Gothic PC game.

They also finally resolved all the mixed copyright issues of Legacy of Main, which is just such a great series of games/story.

Long term I think that is a great investment, they just have too much top grade cult followed IP to fuck it up.
Fri Aug 19 13:43:32
ENDP, I talked about the other day fiking bankruptcy at like .29\share is up to .48 ATM.

Of I had more funds available I would have jumped in. I knew better, but, again, ita $1 stock, O cant see them selling for much more. And that's on a good day.

O first jumped into ENDP with Roe V Wade being overturned, it's just a small company.
Fri Aug 19 23:51:16
Im retarded and I know it.

Remember how I complained about Webulls PDT rule? It's the same as robinhood.

I don't even know where I found that 13 month reset thing, or what it refers to, but I can maken3 Day trades a week.
Sat Aug 20 04:16:00
$SMMT Summit, trading at $1.10

It was reported the CEO recently bought $100million in shares.

Usually this is a good thing, anytime insiders make large buys its almost always a good sign, it's also likley illegal activity, but not for us, lol.
Sat Aug 20 04:18:08
Definitely going to keep an eye on it, may add a few shares peridocially for a longer swing.

If I were to inside trade, Id let it wait a bit so it doesn't look like I bought $100 million in shares 2 days before we dropped a new wonder drug.
Sat Aug 20 15:35:51
Pattern day trading only applies to margin accounts
Sat Aug 20 16:40:22
Nhill, Yes, but the issue is that when your sell order is filled for some reason it takes 48 hours to be considered settled cash.

If it were instant this wouldnt be an issue.

Especially with a very small account im the hundreds of dollars its annoying to have to wait 2 days until they verify its my money.

I don't IMHO consider what I do as margin buying, because I know the money is there its just in process.

I also found out that crypto has no PDT rules, HOWEVER, you must wait 48 hrs on WB until your cash is considered settled.
Sun Aug 21 14:06:09
If you guys are interested this guy crisp trades who I follow is also pretty good, he is having a trial run for a 100k-200k challenge.

I noticed that many of his trades coincided with my groups but he also has a fair amount of OTC picks.

He tends to be in the trades for more of scalps, but pretty good instincts.

http://twi...6644609024?t=Ut5NLLdxsHWoklasw aYnBF8Zg&s=19

My only complaint is he focuses more on nominal amounts instead of the % and isnover reliant on leverage IMO.

But I'm very excited that he is also working on offering a course to cover the basics.

Upon my request he said he will go over how to guage the impact of short sales and quantify their impact.
Sun Aug 21 14:06:33
His account is totally open to the public.
Sun Aug 21 15:34:07
The two I'm keeping an extra close eye on are

ENDP-Trading for $.037 currently.

The likely buyout could skyrocket this, it was only a $1 stock IMO, but Im curious, because buy outs have been known to leap frog prices.

SMMT- IDK what is in the pipeline, but my gut is saying when board members start making massive buy ins, that something beneficial is coming, this is purely based off trusting that people are greedy, usually a good thing to trust in.
Mon Aug 22 03:30:33

I'm not sure how MGAM os sustainable, again I don't hopefully how to measure short interests impact to a specific number, but 543% borrow rate is astronomical, that sounds way ovwr shorted for a stock that's at like $3.50 from $20.

I mean I get it shorts have a goal often to destroy a company, but this doesn't seem sustainable at that interest rate.
Mon Aug 22 10:39:10
Ok, I was confusing PDT with good faith violations placed on cash accounts.

By switching to a margin account, on WB I think I can avoid the. GFV.

In short you have to used settled cash which takes 48 hrs from the sale to settle.

IE I bought SMMT this morning after selling CSSE (Redbox)

I cant sell until Wednesday.

$hood has me on a margin account to avoid this, but I cant use more than the funds anticipated.

WB requires $2k for such an acct, but will offer you 4x that amount to trade with.

My goal is to now bump it up to $2k. By Xmas.

But I don't like the idea of having extra $ available, Im still only going to use my funds.

That 48 HR wait time is BS though.I dont know why it takes so damn long.
Mon Aug 22 11:43:46
Contentment is a lie. There is only greed.
Through greed, I gain Strength.
Through Strength, I gain Power.
Through Power, I gain Victory.
Through Victory my chains are Broken.
My greed shall free me.

Controlled greed* but it loses its flow.
Mon Aug 22 11:53:10
I seen a guy make 53k last week trading 10k twice and 30k once.

That's a yearly income of back breaking labor.

Dont get me wrong, I still enjoy work, I'm actually enrolling in welding classes and investing in upgrading my garage and have a whole slew of toys Inl want.

But to HAVE to work like that to make what I potentially could earn in a week or a month doing something I enjoy? The choice is easy.

Even if you make 50k/yr and trade 20% (10k)

If you could grow your 10k investment 30% a month, you would make 179k, more than triple your paycheck.

Now I get, clearly that is a tall order without losses, especially in the riskier small caps I'm in now.

But consistent small gains are not that difficult with focus.Especially in more stable stocks and dabbling in some crypto as well.
Mon Aug 22 11:56:24
SMMT I bought in @ 1.26 , it went up to in the PM to 1.8+ and 1.74 regular.

It dropped back down, but I cant sell till Wednesday (my fault)

But I think this is still a medium twrm winner.
Mon Aug 22 12:42:36
SMMT is flying.

I hope it stays up until Wednesday.

Back up tonthe 1.7 range and crazy volume.
Mon Aug 22 13:19:27
Nice! I didn't know that there was additional settlement time for cash accounts, thanks for informing me.
Mon Aug 22 13:21:26
I wonder why?

Like it cant be a technical limit, right?

So I wonder why they take 48 hrs?
Mon Aug 22 13:41:36
$APE debuted today, Its a the ultimate meme stonk.

A branch of AMC, I woukdnt touch it with someone elses money.

Too volatile, our meme stock, no credentials, even retail seems split on basically a stock dilution gimmick.
Mon Aug 22 17:44:20
Im really debating cutting all my bags.

My RH account, everything is down.

I really feel good about ENDP, but I just don't know the timeframe.

And most of my stocks on RH fall into 1 of 2 categories

1. Way down, but have a decent shot at at big reversal soonish.

2. Down but not way down in he 5% range since I bought cheap.

I'm really thinking of just adding in some outside $ and using that to get back to day to day flipping, and still dropping half on ENDP since its volatility seems to be all over and medium term It looks to be bought out.
Mon Aug 22 17:46:43
SMMT- update.

I feel pretty good that call options have jumped from .10 up to .25 from this morning till now @ $2.50, and from .05 to .1 for $5.

$7.5 dropped almost in half.

I'm taking that to mean options traders are aiming @ $3-7.
Mon Aug 22 17:47:27
Maybe a little higher.
Tue Aug 23 15:35:48
Damn, another IPO STBX starbox, opened yesterday @ $4, at 2 today was at 22, before noon it hit $46, now at 15.

Even $15 is 350%, in one day, Im telling you IPO fever.

Now the trader I primarily follow was saying IPOs that start under $10 and reach over $20 the first 3 days have a higher. Likely hood of going parabolic like that.

Megl did it after HKD (HKD started at $45, but shot up to 2.5k)

IPO fever.
Tue Aug 23 15:37:26
Speculator rampage :D

Sounds like fun!
Tue Aug 23 15:58:34
It really is!
Tue Aug 23 18:34:20
Man, my RH account is not looking so hot.

I exited most of my QNRX at another heavy loss. Some are.calling for a bounce, but volume is elsewhere, kept a few just in case.

Went into STBX after a big dip and into RAM.

Ram seems to be very low risk where its at, STBX, is one I could only do on RH as I'll have to screen watch for a spike and sell.

It's an IPO, it gets pumped and then I exit.Good charts though.

Ram had less upside, but its also less risk, hopefully an easy small gain.
Tue Aug 23 18:38:46
I do think that high cap stocks are a much better thing to trade than these lottery tickets.

If you want volatility, the best thing to trade in dated options in $SPY or $QQQ.

These low volume small cap penny stocks burn the majority of participants because it's all speculation.

Options on index funds reflect investor activity, but you can personally speculate with options if you want to hit home runs.

That's my 2¢, but I don't want to deflate your progress. Learning how to trade these penny stocks is building your skills either way, so take my advice with a pound of salt.
Tue Aug 23 18:39:55
Macro for bias and technical analysis for entry. Has worked for me. Right now I'd be shorting every bounce through put options if I wanted to speculate on market movements.
Tue Aug 23 20:06:55
"I do think that high cap stocks are a much better thing to trade than these lottery tickets."

Yeah, I'm backing off the lottery STOCK IPOS and mostly going back.

I say that while I just bought STBX, but I Also sold off my TGL, another lotto IPO.So...idk, this one has chart magic ...lol

But for a bit I had all lotto stocks, just a variety, with idea, if one goes well enough it will cover the other losses.

Im definitely dividing my picks better.

RH will be all stocks that I need to sell same day or within a day.

WB will be longer swings, mostly 3-5 days, but some month long swings for stability and steady long growth.

If I had my larger account where it was I might dabble more in lotto stocks buying 1-5 shares and seeing if I could counter balance the losses.

Right now I'm I'm going to stay aiming for smaller 5-10% gains more and sell, mabey reposition.

But like Starbox, I'll play by Ear, if it jumps and starts to trail, I'm out ASAP, may just take a set win on the way up and be ok with missing out.

Ram wasnt a group pick, but, hers have been IPO heavy and I get the logic , but it just doesnt fit my current status.

Tue Aug 23 20:25:48
Just bought $20 million of BBBY on margin. TO THE MOON!!!!!!
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