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Utopia Talk / Politics / Kansas abortion amendment
Tue Aug 02 21:51:56
POLITICO @politico

Kansas voters just rejected an amendment that would have allowed the state to ban abortion.

The vote means Kansas will remain one of the few red states where abortion is legal.


Tue Aug 02 22:01:06
Not only did it lose but it wasn't even close:


Should the Kansas constitution be amended to remove protections of abortion rights?


Answer Votes Pct.
No 416,031 +61.8%
Yes 257,192 +38.2%

Total reported
Tue Aug 02 22:07:13
This is a good thing.

More states should opt for direct votes.

Even the vast majority of Republican voters don't want a full ban.
Tue Aug 02 22:08:29
Destroyed in Kansas City, Kansas area.

No 74%
Yes 26%
Total Votes 30,731
% Rpting >95%

No 69%
Yes 31%
Total Votes 232,829
% Rpting >95%
Tue Aug 02 22:18:09
and johnson county had voted repub for every election up to 2020

Year Republican Democratic Third party
No.  % No.  % No.  %
2020 155,631 44.54% 184,259 52.74% 9,496 2.72%
2016 137,490 46.73% 129,852 44.14% 26,866 9.13%
2012 158,401 57.58% 110,526 40.18% 6,147 2.23%
Wed Aug 03 04:16:43

"This is a good thing. More states should opt for direct votes."

Yes ... for example on whether shitty men should be allowed to keep their penises.

Everyone's rights should be put up to a vote.

Wed Aug 03 08:06:37
Forced castrations of Rugina would be expected but for people like Foreskin it would be too late. The foul seed has been unleashed ...
Wed Aug 03 09:29:00
So how long before Texas, Missouri, Oklahoma etc. start harassing Kansas licensed cars when they enter their States?
Wed Aug 03 09:57:44
These people already hate anyone that isn't an overweight, angry white male over 40 by default so it doesn't necessarily change that much.

For those angry white men over 40 that vote dem, more power to you too. It's one of the hardest things in America for people in Trump country to have a mind of their own.
Wed Aug 03 19:12:59
Good for them. Deciding things at the level that they should be decided.

"overweight, angry white (fe)male(s) over 40"

This appeared to make up the bulk of the crowds cheering in headlines lol
Wed Aug 03 20:05:21

When do your rights get put up for a vote at that level?

Wed Aug 03 20:29:15
Which rights? Every state has laws against murder

Each state decides if you go to jail or not for having the wrong plant
Or the wrong capacity magazine

Whether voluntary double masectomies are a "right" for sixteen year olds

Whether an elderly shopkeeper can defend himself against an assault
Wed Aug 03 22:07:15

The county voted "No" on the 2022 Kansas Value Them Both Amendment, an anti-abortion ballot measure, by 55% to 45% despite backing Donald Trump with 64% of the vote to Joe Biden's 44% in the 2020 presidential election.[16]
Wed Aug 03 22:08:54
*should be 34% for Biden, someone made a wikipedia type.
Wed Aug 03 22:44:43
State’s rights is so amazing. Some states can have the right to abortion. Some states have women go on life support because doctors can’t abort a non-viable embryo. Some states have the right to vote. Some states have poll taxes.

We should go back even farther when they were free states and slave states.

If only it weren’t for the turrible federal government trying to give us all the same rights.
Thu Aug 04 02:57:54
Meh, As I said before, ans Seb oddly argued, were going to have a bit of chaos fornthe next 6 months+ until the dust settles and people know where thenlaw stands.
Thu Aug 04 06:25:51
Nation’s rights is so amazing. Some nations can have the right to abortion. Some nations have women go on life support because doctors can’t abort a non-viable embryo. Some nations have the right to vote. Some nations have poll taxes.

We should go back even farther when they were free nations and slave nations (oh wait lol).

If only we could emulate Canada and have our "rights" universally protected, like the right to be jailed for misgendering a tranny or the right to be compensated with cash for your confiscated firearms.
McJesus Burger
Thu Aug 04 08:02:41
I hope the democrats don't steal the election again because we are on track to take the house senate and presidency with donald trump as our captain. The lord is crying out for us to ban the killing of the uborn
Thu Aug 04 08:14:52
Foreskin is so idiotic, he thinks the things he listed are on the same level as forced birth and slavery.

Fucking idiot.
Thu Aug 04 09:05:25

"... or the right to be compensated with cash for your confiscated firearms."

You already have that right.

Thu Aug 04 09:39:38

Selling guns on the private market: "Hell Yeah!

Selling guns to the government: "Oh noes!!111"

They dance to whatever tune the corporate overlords who fund their media believe.

Literally useful idiots.
Thu Aug 04 09:59:17
Cuckhat is missing the part where Canada didn't make it optional.

Fucking idiot.
Thu Aug 04 10:00:41
Also lol @ forced birth

Literally Handmaid's Tale!
Thu Aug 04 10:05:27

"Meh, As I said before, ans Seb oddly argued, were going to have a bit of chaos fornthe next 6 months+ until the dust settles and people know where thenlaw stands."

We know where the law stands already - most of these laws are based off model legislation whose author has already stated he explicitly intended the model to mean that abortion would only be allowed if the mother were facing imminent risk of death.

Most of the laws are unambiguous about that.

And nobody is going to take the risk of a court taking an incredibly lenient interpretation of the exemptions which - on a literal reading of the words of the law - would not apply given the stringent punishments attached.

So to the extent you incorrectly believe that the law doesn't actually require the situation to have escalated to the point where a woman's life and health is at demonstrable risk before an abortion can be considered; this will not be clarified in 6 months or more.

You will go on believing the law is more flexible and equitable and just than it is - because it suites you to believe that - while the law will go on doing exactly what it is supposed to do in practice: force women to have an unwanted birth or proceed with an obviously doomed pregnancy until the point they are in actual danger of their lives.
Sat Aug 13 20:46:00

Kansas plans to recount abortion amendment vote, despite proposal’s landslide defeat

Kansas election officials plan to conduct a statewide recount of the vote rejecting an amendment to remove abortion rights from the state constitution after a citizen posted a $200,000 bond for the recount, the state Secretary of State’s Office said.

Separately, state Sen. Caryn Tyson asked for a recount in 55 counties in the Republican race for Kansas Treasurer. Tyson, of Parker, currently trails state Rep. Steven Johnson, of Assaria, by 375 votes.

Melissa Leavitt, who has been fundraising for a recount based on vague suspicions of fraud, asked for the abortion amendment recount ahead of a 5 p.m. Friday deadline. A crowd-funding account set up by Leavitt showed less than $3,000 raised as of Friday afternoon, but Whitney Tempel, a spokeswoman for the Kansas Secretary of State’s Office, said Leavitt posted a $200,000 bond.

Kansas elections director Bryan Caskey plans to go along with the request, the Associated Press reported. Caskey said it would be the first recount of votes on a statewide ballot question in at least 30 years.

“Normally, they reinforce the Election Day results,” Caskey said about recounts. “We stand by the results and will do the recount.”

The final cost of the amendment recount may fluctuate, but is likely it be at least $200,000.

The amendment recount vote is extremely unlikely to alter the overall results. The amendment was defeated in a 59% to 41% landslide, according to unofficial results. “No” earned more than 165,000 more votes than “yes.”

Still, the recount effort underscores how unfounded fears of election fraud have taken hold with some in Kansas. In Johnson County, the state’s most populous, Sheriff Calvin Hayden has been conducting an election-related investigation for months, stoking suspicions of malfeasance without making detailed allegations.

“I have never done an audit like this but I believe that God has put us all here ‘for such a time as this’ to stand up and fight for our nation,” Leavitt wrote on her crowd-funding page. “We must do what we can before it’s too late.”

Leavitt declined to comment to reporters on Friday evening, the AP reported.

Many counties have already certified their election results, but others — including the state’s largest counties — are set to certify in the coming days. Johnson County is set to certify on Monday.

Under Kansas law, individuals requesting recounts must put up a bond to cover the cost of a recount. If the recount changes the outcome, the bond amount is returned to the requester. If the outcome is upheld, the state Secretary of State’s Office cashes the bond and disperses the funds to local jurisdictions.

Kansas’ rejection of the amendment reverberated nationwide and was taken as evidence of a backlash against the U.S. Supreme Court decision in June striking down Roe v. Wade, which guaranteed the right to abortion nationwide.

The Kansas Supreme Court in 2019 ruled that the state constitution protects the right to an abortion. The Republican-controlled Legislature had placed an amendment on the Aug. 2 ballot called Value Them Both that would have given lawmakers sweeping power to restrict or ban abortion.

“Kansans voted overwhelmingly against this amendment. In fact, over 165,000 more Kansans opposed the amendment than supported it - that is significant. Kansans sent a clear message that we want to protect the constitutional rights of women to make private medical decisions for themselves,” said Ashley All, a spokesperson for Kansans for Constitutional Freedom, the main group opposing the amendment.

The Value Them Both Coalition, the main group supporting the amendment, didn’t endorse or oppose the recount request.

“Every citizen has the right to request recounts, but our focus is now on moving the cause of life forward in Kansas—not looking back to August 2nd,” said Mackenzie Haddix, a spokesperson for the Value Them Both Coalition..

In the treasurer’s race, Tyson’s campaign said the counties selected for recounts were chosen “purely on discrepancies in audit results,” as well as audit results that were not made available, malfunctioning voting equipment and incorrect ballot rotation.

“The objective of these recounts are a fair and accurate election result,” a campaign statement said.

Whoever wins the primary will face incumbent Democratic Treasurer Lynn Rogers in the Nov. 8 election.

In a statement, Johnson said that as a financial adviser and a “numbers guy,” he recognizes “the importance of getting the numbers right.”

“The county clerks have done a great job making sure every vote counts,” Johnson said. “I look forward to returning the treasurer’s office to Republican leadership in November.”


the wanderer
Sat Aug 13 21:49:33
one obvious liar did, and continues to do, so much damage...
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