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Utopia Talk / Politics / but cwimate change!!!
Sam Adams
Fri Aug 05 10:48:53

Great barrier reef healthiest in 4 decades.
Fri Aug 05 10:52:06
You can thank China for that.

China Reduced Air Pollution in 7 Years as Much as US Did in Three Decades


Do you know how to say Thank you in Chinese? 谢谢
Fri Aug 05 10:53:33
Chinese aren't doing it out of altruism though. They know they are too dependent on foreign oil and want to cut their vulnerability to being blockaded by the US navy.

But sometimes the wrong thing happens for the right reasons.
Fri Aug 05 16:32:21

This thread will age like room temperature mayo when immigration quadruples and white people go extinct.

Mon Aug 08 12:36:35
Mayo is purchased at room temperature so I guess you mean that it is going to age very well.
Mon Aug 08 14:27:39
"This thread will age like room temperature mayo when immigration quadruples and white people go extinct."

Except shitskins like yourself have posted a pretty solid record of losing to white people. Utterly and completely in most cases.

Mon Aug 08 14:53:16
Savage. No pun intended.
Mon Aug 08 14:53:49
(and I don't endorse the tone of the statement, despite it being coldly factual :p)
Mon Aug 08 15:28:36
"To put China’s success into context, the reductions in pollution account for more than three quarters of the global decline since 2013. It took several decades and recessions for the United States to achieve the same pollution reductions that China has accomplished in seven years. But while China has met its national air quality standard, its pollution levels still exceed World Health Organization guidelines. When compared to the most polluted city in the United States, Los Angeles, Beijing is still three times more polluted."

"Prior to the 2008 Olympic Games, China took swift, targeted actions to reduce pollution such as temporarily suspending production at many power plants. But the actions managed to only slow the climb in pollution. It wasn’t until the country began enforcing sustained, command-and-control-style rules that pollution levels made a sharp downturn. These approaches—like closing polluting plants, enforcing tighter emissions standards and assigning binding abatement targets to local governments—also came with high costs. For example, at one point, the government left many households without heat during winter after removing coal boilers before natural gas or electric replacements could be installed."
Mon Aug 08 15:34:00
By China infecting the world with Covid they drastically reduced fossil fuel consumption.

World wide mind you.
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