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Utopia Talk / Politics / now we know why she went...
Fri Aug 05 13:57:29
green hog thugs paid her 94 million to come and stay for half a day...

at those rates, she earnin more than michael jordan and kobe...

Fri Aug 05 13:59:38
so its apparently converted to usd = 31 million...

still more than micheal jordan.

and all that for a few hours of work? laughin all da way 2 da bank?

Im better then you
2012 UP Football Champ
Fri Aug 05 14:06:12
Funny how the greatest nation on earth is afraid of an old woman visiting and talking to people.
Fri Aug 05 14:17:46
Okay I know I am going to regret this but what the fuck are you going on about?
Fri Aug 05 14:33:23
Trump should pay the speaker of the Russian parliament to come to the US and discuss future relationship and cooperation between the US and Russia with Trump.
Fri Aug 05 15:18:15
da green hogz of da taicuck government paid her 31 mill usd bucks to come over and do some pr

Fri Aug 05 23:35:27
"Taiwan was said to have paid a total of US$3.15 million in 16 commissions between 2018 and 2022. The alleged payment details are shown in a document.

MOFA on Friday (Aug. 5) denied the allegation, noting the document was fabricated and the signatures were forged. The ministry denounced any “vicious dissemination” of disinformation to slander the government and its visitors.

MOFA said the U.S. government footed the bill for Pelosi’s visit and her itinerary was arranged by the American Institute in Taiwan. The public should not fall for the cognitive warfare waged by external forces, it cautioned."

The accusation basically came from a blogger.

Sat Aug 06 01:51:13

We already know why she went. She went to prove that Winnie the Pooh dolls are anatomically correct.

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