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Utopia Talk / Politics / (Ot) Are chickens really this smart?
Sat Aug 06 13:13:58
So, an Asian man is trying to cook a chicken (hen) alive, but the rooster is trying to save his girlfriend and outsmarts the Asian man.

Sat Aug 06 13:31:26
yea chickens are beast.

they have a whole hierarchy system, when hawks and eagles fly by, they give of signals and signs maybe even language. we just hear chickensounds but the chickens understand it to mean take cover and shit.

also, i seen plenty of videos where malechickens beat down cats, rats, bunnies who were fighting eachother and then da chickenmale comes in and sees it, and he starts chasing and proceed to give beatdown and the bunnies and cats just stop fighting lol.

like a dad punishin 2 kids for fightin and causin trouble.

also i seen chickens destroy crows and rats. literally scorch earth, was kinda cruel but natures scary.

and apparently chickens have also killed men before. a chicken just slashes a mans leg or stomache and just slash through da big veins so u end up bleeding 2 death.

here, we have reduced chickens into meat and they all look kinda bland. but thats just da typical farm battery chickens.

wild chickens are actually beautiful. i seen plenty with amazing colors and feathers almost like exotic birds...theres also black and white chickens in china, like panda. u know.
when i was a kid, I played with these chickens in da back of my grandpas garden. they roam free and theres like 8 of them and as a kid i never seen anything like it. black and white, and we used to chase them and shit. damn they were fast.

Sat Aug 06 14:21:36
Now do it again for the tens of millions of Uyghurs in Chinese concentration camps ...
Sat Aug 06 14:51:11
there r no tens of millions of uyghurs in camps.

ur country lies cheats and steals.

Sat Aug 06 15:09:35
imagine how these pathetic warmongering westoids live there lives...

in pure lies and deceits is how they build da world around them.

what camps, u dumb fucks. its literally an figmentation of ur warmongering industry.

omg look at all da camps!


look at how people r being whipped and chained at da ankles!

theres literally thousands of these tourists videos.


Did u see da new metro in urumqi?

when ur country gonna get new metro again?
newsflash, u wont. ur broke.
Sat Aug 06 15:35:20
THe rooster has been trained with food rewards. They will by nature peck at things. If you reward them for pecking in a certain manner or place they will repeat.
You could safely bet where those pegs are there were pegs covered with some type of food to cause the rooster to peck there.

TheChildren is a bit correct. A rooster will protect his haram just like males of other species where the dominate male is the only to procreate. The video though that rooster was trained to do what we say probably over several weeks time.
Sat Aug 06 16:49:53
It makes sense that it has been trained with food rewards.
Sun Aug 07 00:10:16
TC is correct lol

Chickens have a specific crow that you'll know it's time to grab the .22 as everyone gets spooked
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