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Utopia Talk / Politics / This is why we can't have nice things
Mon Aug 08 05:24:56
Spanish rail operator suspends bullet train service after cable theft

MADRID, Aug 8 (Reuters) - Spanish state-owned railway operator Renfe suspended the bullet train service between Madrid and Barcelona on Monday morning after power cables were stolen, the company said in a statement.

Renfe established an alternative train route bypassing the high-speed network to take travellers from the capital to the country's second largest city, Barcelona, the statement said.

The tourism industry's vigorous post-pandemic recovery this summer has stretched Spain's transport infrastructure, as it has in other European countries, leaving it vulnerable to any kind of disruption.


And they can't even blame black people.

Mon Aug 08 08:16:26
Spain literally can't afford air conditioning and heating at the moment, why did they think they could ever handle something as complex as a bullet train? Lol

"And they can't even blame black people."

Goddamn Moors.
Mon Aug 08 08:50:31

Yeah ~ 2% of their population is black or black-ish ... so I guess I stand corrected.

Tue Aug 09 21:12:46
They spent longer fighting black Muslim invaders than the US has been around lol
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