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Utopia Talk / Politics / Latvia bends the knee
Mon Aug 08 12:51:13
After refusing to pay for Russian gas in rubles, Latvia’s gas supply was cut off by Russia.

8 days later and Latvia has decided to resume the purchase of Russian gas *in rubles.*

- -

Can Latvia really continue to be a member of Nato?
Mon Aug 08 13:10:28
Common sense says

1. Russia has insane amounts of leverage currently over Central/eastern Europe.

2. Its going to take time to ween off of that.

3. We would be better off sealing for peace if that's even on the table.

4. If not, we would be better off just letting the Ukraime fend for itself at this point.The US.plans another multi billion dollar handout to the Ukraine...
Mon Aug 08 13:26:05
I bet Ukraine itself is still buying gas from Russia. And in Rubles too. Lol
Mon Aug 08 18:46:15

We'd be better off lifting all sanctions of Russian oil and gas along with all sanctions on oil and gas from Iran and Venezuela ... to fuck Russia.

Mon Aug 08 18:48:23
Until we can re adjust our energy deals/policy.

That may not be a terrible idea.Flood the market with cheap energy.
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